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18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something I Am Searching Sexual Encounters

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18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something

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Sometimes when you research a question, poof your answer is clear, defined, lots of material out there.

This question was like searching for the Holy Grail. Not much information, not any studies proving definitively anything. An average adult has bones in their body. People can have different number of rib bones and bones in their hands and feet that make doctors average the number of bones in a skeleton.

Bones themselves can have different densities. We know this from people who have thinning bones due to Osteoporosis. The interesting thing that is substantiated on this quest is heavy people with a BMI over 33 never get Osteoporosis. They have greater bone density. Bone density is increased when you do activities that put stress on the 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something structure like weight lifting or in this case carrying around excess weight.

So is there truth to the heavy weight, big bones, big frame? Not really.

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While people do have different frame size, most who weigh too much for their height do so because of excess body fat. Body builders are the exception.

Most weight charts take into effect your frame size. Many weight charts have 10 pound increments in each frame size; small, medium, and large. If you are truly convinced you are not overweight just big boned. Buy a body fat scale. These scales can actually measure your fat percentage.

Remember to continue to treat your body with care so that it can help you to do all the things you enjoy.

HealthStatus has been operating since providing the best interactive health tools on the Internet, millions of visitors have used our health risk assessmentbody fat and calories burned calculators.

The Lookkng editorial team has continued that commitment to excellence by providing our visitors with easy to understand high quality health content for many years.

Would she use the same calculation? This is a very interesting article. I had lost Lonely housewives wants hot sex Plymouth lot of weight following a vegetarian diet and still thought I was a bit overweight, but maybe it is my bone size.

However, compared x most women, I must weigh a lot for my height. The body weight charts say that I should be at a healthy weight of about pounds. When I did weigh I was really thin. I want to know why I would lookking can weight in so heavy but still 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something a slender appearance?

I could be considered 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something or have an athletic build. It is also Muscles, organ size, etc. IE for someone with a natural chest size of lets say 46 inches, they are bound to have bigger heart, Perhaps more guts, etc. Hi Holly! I ran the BMI Body Mass Index calculator on this site and it says for someone your height you should weigh between pounds.

That makes no sense. Is this supposed to be a science blog or what? They mean that the same volume of muscle weighs more than the same volume of fat, not that a pound of one thing is more than a pound of another.

A pound is a pound but when u 66ft at a pound of fat next to a pound of muscle, the muscle is smaller. I lost 45 pounds just by changing my diet but I still have a lot of fat. If I tone this up I wud be in a size 2 lol. Tim, I disagree with you.

18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something Want Sex Chat

Most 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something seem to be more interested in their weight. The f6t about a pound of fat vs a pound of muscle is exactly why people are confused. The difference is that due to the density it takes Adult wants casual sex Paonia Colorado fat or feathers than muscle to equal a pound. Hi, my concern is am small bodied yet am too heavy.

Am small bodied but my weight is too much compared to my size. My usual weight where I look healthy is between and because when I started losing weight and lolkingmy ribs were showing above and below my breast, my hip bones were sticking out and everyone was worried that I was underweight and thought I was 90lbs or so until they saw me step on a scale. Collar Sex hookups in Portland stick out and hip and ribs easily show if i suck in just a tad.

Im also anorexic. Womething i look less than i do! People would guess 95 …but i carry a lot of mass….

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I know I can function and my body is happier way less bones sticking out Wife seeking sex tonight Battiest ! Lift very little! To have my bmi say Does the article take into consideration that bones get denser between a certain age?

If in fact extar density increases between a certain age then weight must naturally follow!? It just says 6. I just started a very healthy diet today that ice researched thouroughly.

Maybe im answering my own question! Two rare deseases. I weigh lookinv Ive weighed 1 18 mostly b4 i turned 35 then i gained! Went on weight watchers lost 47 lbs.

18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something

Felt awesome! Now im sedentary and cant lose 1 lb! Im not motivated any more! Any help would be greatly appreciated! What a crock of BS.

BMI — the crock of fools. I am a large boned woman.

Built like a tank. I have felt like that for years. I have a brother that is a Dr and a sister in law that is as well. They both agree with you as well. They wondered who came up with these lookinf. I too have larger 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something size bones than any of my other female relatives.

My ribs and hip bones currently protrude yet I am classified as obese. If i lost another 30 pounds I would look and feel like a POW.

I get furious at each Dr visit with the reports and completely understand why our nation is so over run with depression and eating disorders. The teen population is rampant with cutting and other issues from the stresses put on them. I feel that these ridiculous charts need to be re-evaluated and reasonable for the people the are serving. Not a one-size-fits all. I agree the BMI scale does not work for most people, myself when I left the army I was classed as overweight but I had very little fat on my body when I took a diving course the instructor told me I was an accident waiting to happen as even with a dry suit 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something I still did not float whilst everyone else had to 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something weight belts to be able to descend all I had to do was breath out slightly and down I would go.

I could lie on the bottom of the pool 20 ft deep even with my lungs as full as I can manage without the dry suit even with a 6 mm wet suit I can descend without any weight belt and a 6 mm wet suit gives around 6 Lbs or buoyancy.

Now I am classed as obese as I now have some fat around the middle my doctor mentioned that he cannot understand the result Lookin for some fun in springfield springfield oh my BMI test as I do not look that much overweight. My wrists are 7. Fitness-test results, body-fat percentage and placement, and hip-to-waist ratios are far more accurate indicators of health than BMI.

I think it is a crock too. My wrist circumference is 7. I had a fat test done when I weighed lbs, and I was in the middle 18 6ft 1 a few extra pounds looking for something lower range for a woman my size. I showed my health teacher the results of the test she performed the test and asked if I could get down to Single looking casual sex Roanoke Rapids She said I would be sick all of the time and unhealthy if Poundw did.

According to my BMI, my bottom range is for Even adding in my large frame for a For my upper range, a BMI is a load of hooey.

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I have extremely dense bones, do lots of heavy manual labor, can shoulder and carry overleg pressam not a body builder in the least. Yet the BMI classifies me extrx morbidly obese. I heard that small boned frame people are more likely to age faster and will experience more illness, regarding the bones, at older ages.