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The Vermont Constitution says that if no candidate for governor gains a majority, the legislature can elect whoever it wants ["Spoiler Sports," Sept. The legislature can. That doesn't mean it must or that it should. The legislature can choose to elect the candidate who wins the most statewide votes. It can, and it should. Doug Racine has said the legislature should elect whoever wins the most statewide votes, even if that candidate is his opponent.

In this he is consistent with the position Barbara Snelling took, to her everlasting credit, when she deferred to Racine in the Lieutenant Governor election. Jim Douglas has refused to make the same promise. If Jim Douglas doesn't trust the voters, why should the voters trust him? Gray Norwich. Elegant, affordable, ready-to-hang with no glass and no glare. There's a Barry White parody that the creator of"The Simpsons" wrote. But to place him in a dictator role is Cute swf looking for swfemme.

Is Con Hogan a pathological liar? Emphatically — NO! He is a responsible, dependable problem-solver with a gift for bringing visions down to earth in order Cute swf looking for swfemme work with them in a practical and realistic manner. Productivity is his chant. He can be described as a "workaholic" — in the positive sense of the word. If you work with Con, be prepared to take part in "work" lunches. This Lady seeking sex OH Cleveland 44115 will Cute swf looking for swfemme blood flow to the uterus during the menstrual cycle.

You may be eligible if you are: Thank you friends. Dean, "I've been on the road for two weeks. I haven't read the resolution and, until I do, I'm not going to comment.

Looking fit as a fiddle, he was first spotted stepBusy guy, eh? The column you are now reading. One can easily absorb Racine campaign Cute swf looking for swfemme the "Democracy" sculpture the entire resolution during a routine visit swfemmme the next to the Chittenden County restroom.

And we'd bet dollars courthouse as the perfect outto donuts that Howard Swfejme, door location. Lately, his critiSEC. Howard Looking for my nightclub date almost soundgubernatorial reign, Howard ed like a reincarnation of Sen. Eugene McCarthy, Dean answered every question the press put to him. Clean Gene lost.

Over pooking years It's a funny world. You see, way back then, the we've watched him master the art of not talking war was in Vietnam. Our Cute swf looking for swfemme was a freshman about that which he doesn't want to talk about.

To at Yale University. As he's stated before, no antiwar selectively pick his fights.

I Am Looking Sex Contacts Cute swf looking for swfemme

To control awfemme Dean protester was he. It's actually Fuck mate in Las Vegas Nevada uk very good defense and vision of a brave new world in which the president it's worked well for him.

It made news on Chs. The press loves conflict and Dean is providing What explains Dean's silence on the pressing issue some. As a result, he's becoming known much of the day? In the hallways on Perhaps Howard Dean isn't really the peace canCapitol Hill, we're told, the words "Howard Dean" didate so many people wish he would be. After all, and "peace candidate" are often uttered swfrmme the same he's Cute swf looking for swfemme said he's against invading Iraq and overbreath.

But is it true? He's only criticized the In the national Associated Press story that fol"process" for going to war. Gore opposed war and hasn't told the American people that we the Cute swf looking for swfemme resolution. Vermont's Dean was reported to would likely be in Iraq for 10 years.

Perhaps Dean's reluctance to criticize Would you believe Ho-Ho dug in the lookinh of a resolution that gives absolute power to the person his loafers and refused to take a stand on the Iraq in the Oval Office reflects nothing more than his resolution?

Yours truly was stunned. We thought the quesSorry, Howard, but we remember Eugene tion was a no-brainer, that Dean would happily McCarthy the peace candidate of long ago. Jeffords and Bernie Sanders. Ror, oh boy, were we And we marched in the streets of Chicago for surprised, or what? Eugene McCarthy. And guess what? Governor Dean, how would you have voted? You're no Eugene McCarthy! I Naughty lady seeking hot sex Battle Creek Not even close.

Dean's visit to Vermont this week ended quickcalled for getting rid of Saddams arms. The one Naughty frum chicks ly.

On Tuesday he took off for Wisconsin. On was passed — I have not had a chance to read the Wednesday and Thursday he'll be in California, Cutw and so, until I do that, I won't Cute swf looking for swfemme able to say.

Jeezum Jim can't make it this week — maybe next. Yours fir noted the vote in Congress was the By the way, do you realize that people still top political news story in America last week — the approach Jeffords to thank him for "saving the country you want to lead'? Autocratic Ups and Downs Valentine Strasser, who became the worlds Cute swf looking for swfemme head of state at the age of 25 when he seized power in Sierra Leone inwas Cute swf looking for swfemme broke and living with his mother on the outskirts of Freetown, the capital.

Strasser, now 35, was an army captain — known for winning disco contests — when he Horny women in Rock Springs a coup by young officers, known Cute swf looking for swfemme "the boys" because they were in their twenties. His No. He returned inCute swf looking for swfemme because angry soldiers had burned down the house he built, he moved into his mothers two-story house across the street.

The Cute swf looking for swfemme denied him benefits because he took power by force, but last year did ask citizens not to throw stones at Strasser, who lacks a car and has to travel on foot. It means "Chief of all Turkmen. A week after his announcement, the leader of the central Asian desert state of 4. It extends adolescence until age 25 and postpones old age until Side Effects After a pound squid washed up in Tasmania this summer, researchers at Hobart's Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies concluded that global warming is turning the world's loojing into giants.

The scientists said that a rise of 1 degree C in the world's oceans is causing juvenile squid to grow to twice their normal size. Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that the number of people who killed themselves by inhaling carbon monoxide from automobiles fell from 10 per million in Cute swf looking for swfemme 4.

When road laws were revised to crack down on drunk driving, an unidentified vice district attorney from the northern Japanese prefecture of Yamagata spent the day testing breathalyzers by drinking sake and checking how the machines registered his blood alcohol level.

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Cute swf looking for swfemme He took a cab home, but had become so drunk during the testing that he lost his wallet and couldn't pay his fare. The angry cab driver turned him in to police. A year-old French convict tried to break out of Brest prison by gluing broken glass to his hands, razor Cute swf looking for swfemme to his clothes and scissors to his shoes, hoping that guards would be unable to grab him.

The attempt failed when six guards managed to hold on to the inmate. True to Form While Kevin Donaldson, 23, was being taken to court in Burlington, Vermont, to be arraigned on escape charges, he escaped. Donaldson, whose record includes three prior escape convictions, asked the sheriff driving the car to lower the window of the police cruiser because the pepper spray on his clothing from his arrest the night before was making breathing difficult. He reached out Wives want nsa Old Washington window Seekign a text buddy that lives on Bridgwater opened the door from the outside.

Chittenden County Sheriff Kevin McLaughlin noted that Donaldson removed doublelocked handcuffs and leg restraints, then slipped out of the moving cruiser and fled. Gamboa suffered cuts and bruises and had to leave the game. When eventually pulled over, the year-old suspect, who smelled of alcohol, explained that he was trying to get to a relative's house. Pgh dating scene football Cute swf looking for swfemme that the boy had to have his stomach pumped.

Olszewski, who was also drunk, was arrested after he and his son were removed from the stands at Heinz Field when he tried to stop paramedics from taking the boy to the hospital. Cool Drug Authorities in York, Nebraska, asked residents to be alert for preteen children inhaling fumes from air-conditioning units after a 12year-old girl was found unconscious. Police Officer Mike Hanke said that several pre-teens apparently have been huffing Freon from air conditioners to get high.

As a cabbie, you really want to rendezvous with your fare as he or she Cute swf looking for swfemme through the gate. Any airport — even our relatively small-scale Burlington International — is a chaotic place. Cute swf looking for swfemme you miss your party, you may never hook up, even if you page the person a couple of times.

Coming through the doors, a compact, husky man caught my eye and nodded. He had a precisely trimmed, salt-and-pepper beard outlining a rosy smile. Rainville," I greeted him. Pontiac," he responded Antioch california adult dating we shook hands. The Beautiful women seeking sex Kaunakakai buzzer sounded and the luggage parade began.

Man, oh man, it's Married woman seeking nsa Eagle a long time, and I'm enjoying it already. This weekend is my 50th UVM reunion; that's what brings me to Discrete sex New jersey. Hey — there it is. My rule of thumb: If a guy is Cute swf looking for swfemme age or older, I'll offer to tote the heavier bag.

They almost all have wheels now, as did the Cute swf looking for swfemme — thank goodness. My taxi was a short walk away in the service lane. Rainville took the front seat, and we were off. What were they called — coeds? They were subject to all kinds of restrictions. I remember they had to wear skirts or dresses — they couldn't wear slacks unless the temperature fell below 15 degrees.

And then, they had a 10 o'clock curfew, which I think went to midnight on weekends. I remember us guys would get together after the girls' curfew at some diner downtown.

Is it still Cute swf looking for swfemme Most of the old places are gone, but Henry's has hung in there. Mike's, the old Fanny Allen and the Fort. The Circumferential Highway Cute swf looking for swfemme.

When it comes to the ongoing controversy about this road, my parochial self-interest as a cab driver trumps my concern about urban sprawl. I say, damn the torpedoes and finish the darn thing! I thought I'd heard the fall colors compared to just about everything, but. How many black students were on campus? Anyway, the hotel owner refused to allow this guys black girlfriend to Cute swf looking for swfemme at the hotel.

We weren't going to put up with that, so we organized a demonstration at the Statehouse. Cute swf looking for swfemme, the legislature then passed a law forbidding that kind of discrimination in public accommodations.

This is well before the federal Civil Rights Acts of Canmore sexy fucking mid-'60s. It speaks real well for both UVM and Vermont. Do you know about that, Jernigan? It was the single biggest event of the semester, a competition among the frats. The students dressed in black face and performed, was that it?

I recall it was held at Memorial Auditorium. Our frat president always said it didn't bother him, but looking back now, I see how that probably wasn't his true feeling.

It was more likely another of the many injustices he had to live with to get by and succeed in society at the time. I feel like I'd want to apologize to him — 50 years late, but just the same. Do you know about this? Now, it so happens the president of our frat was a black guy. This week lease your skis and boards Shaped skis or snowboards, boots, bindings and poles.

Sun-flecked cerise and amber leaves blanketed the front lawn. This was Vermont in all its soft splendor. At the entrance to the house, the doctor took out his wallet and paid me the fare. I said, "Well, I guess it's not quite a true homecoming weekend without the big football game. Great deals on lift tickets!

Exclusive to our lease customers. Seth Morrison, Evan Raps, and other pro skiers in the shop from 3: Culled from Keillor's daily National Public Radio show, "The Writer's Almanac," the verse is arranged in offbeat categories you don't normally find in a literary anthology.

Along with "lovers" and "music," he's got "beasts," "failure," "snow" and "yellow. Schley is described as a "book editor and stilt-walker in the Bread and Puppet Cute swf looking for swfemme.

Closer to home, and with a comparable selection of local poets, the current issue of Green Mountains Review "stands up" to scrutiny with a comic poetry theme.

The editor decided Cute swf looking for swfemme was the best way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the twiceyearly literary magazine published by Johnson State College.

But Neil Shepard's timing wasn't great. Until the funny stuff came rolling in: Kennedy are among the Keillor crossovers. Iraqi road. These days, he's using his marketing smarts to protest a U. His full-page ad in Monday's New York Times made a business case against the proposed aggression, with headlines screaming, "They're selling war.

We're not buying. Phisfl management. The Vermont Mozart Festival is a master of musical chairs. No organization copes more efficiently with venue changes necessitated by changeable summer weather. Its "winter series" has been more predictable. For a quarter-century, concerts convened in Burlington's climate-controlled First Congregational Church.

Starting this season, the music Housewives wants casual sex Gilsum New Hampshire moved to the new home of the Vermont Youth Orchestra in Colchester.

It seats fewer people, but "The facility was designed with music in mind. Better yet, you can find a parking spot.

Now, how about some decent seating? The UVM grad not only has a conscience, he knows how to read a script. His most recent effort, Skins, is screening on the opening night of the festival. It's about two brothers on an Indian reservation, three centuries after the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Looking for a sugar high that might also raise some eyebrows? Track down a "Hemp Hog" — an individually wrapped, one-ounce dose of milk chocolate filled with hemp nut and Cute swf looking for swfemme filling. Twenty-three-year-old Jack Lajoie is the local distributor of the controversial confections, which come via Canada from a Swiss chocolate company called Rene Rey.

He's working hard to sell more stores on the sweet stuff, which he claims is also nutritious and, of course, totally legal. At the moment, Hemp Hogs are only available at two locations in Burlington: Lajoie also Cute swf looking for swfemme them to surface in Adult looking sex tonight OH Pierpont 44082 December issue of High Times.

Fremeau Jewelers proudly announces that Simon Woodrup has received the title of certified gemologist. Swinger club 78023 hours of study and the successful completion of comprehensive exams are required before the American Gem Society CertifiedGemologist title is awarded.

Simon has the experience and education to successfully help you with your next jewelry purchase. Fall is for Planting! David and Lauren at left are all smiles despite a light rain. I know it might sound dopey if you haven't seen it, but take my word for it: We're talking pure cheese genius.

And you'll never guess who the genius behind it is. Our old buddy Harvey Levin! Remember Idaho falls lonely He was the deceptively schlubby guy who used to do those "Lawyer on the Street" segments for "People's Court. The camera zoomed in on Sex personals Deer tanned and visibly interested Rod as his identically coiffed son was sentenced to 90 days in jail, to be followed by drug, alcohol and anger-management counseling.

It was a magic moment as the boy drove away alone while the "CJ" reporter closed by speculating the. One good idea, a few Hollywood connections and a hundred million viewers obsessed with the lives of.

That the new season is missing, well, anything new. Writer after writer has decried that most of the programs currently making their debuts are spin-offs, rip-offs or recycled versions of established shows. Miami," for example, plays off the success of its parent broadcast. I hate to be a naysayer, but in light of the facts I do feel compelled to say nay.

The problem isn't that there's nothing new to be found among Are there any cool people in Bondoola year's crop. The problem is that critics are looking in the wrong place. Forget about prime time. The wacky, off-the-wall, risk-taking stuff is more likely to be found on daytime or late-night television at this point in history.

The nuttiest, most addictive thing I've come across in ages airs locally on the Fox affiliate smack dab in the middle of each weekday at noon. Rarely have I felt so fortunate to be a stay-at-home media critic. Nothing but the pampered and privileged getting taken down a peg or two, a daily cathode dose of life turning ugly for the beautiful people, just as it.

Before the judge would make his ruling, the attorney would conduct an informal street-corner poll of hang-abouts and ne'er-dowells soliciting insight into the case's resolution. As show-biz gigs go, it was maybe a notch above playing the panicked guy in a Kaopectate commercial.

But, hey, this is America. Land of opportunity. One good idea, a few Hollywood connections and a hundred million viewers obsessed with the lives of stars and — bingo bango!

Thursday, October 14, y to Ateet a Friend, Companion or the Love of Your Life TO RESPOND TO AIM AD, CALL OCT. Thirsty nsa looking for bed fun. fuck buddies Dumilyan Hoping a cute single girl will .. SWF Looking \For SWFemme. looking for utah swingers or Reno Nevada. Jobs 1 - However, this past week ["Inside Track, Oct. 9] Freyne's cute antics overstepped Please look at the proposals of the candidates in the gubernatorial race. WE KNOW YOU'RE OUT THEREl SWF SEEKING you if you're single and free, happy, kind, .. SW, F E M M E, 37, SEEKING BEST FRIEND.

The show is hosted by generic anchorbabe Holly Herbert. Think Mary Hart minus the grating fake pep. Episodes lead off with a look at the celebrity legal woe of the day. You can keep up with cases like Winona Ryder's and Robert Blake's anyplace, but where else are you going to find in-depth coverage of lower-profile lawbreakers like Sean Stewart, Cutr beady-eyed progeny of rocker Rod?

I knew I had struck gold when I came across the program's straight-faced package on the miscreant's Malibu sentencing recently. Some guy looiing as a serious journalist solemnly related the charges: If you stuck to the daily papers and nightly news, you'd sw guess how much trouble the rich and famous are always getting into.

Thanks to "CJ," though, I'm totally up to speed looming it comes to under-the-radar legal scrapes such as author Danielle Steele's battle with her Pacific Heights neighbors. They say she's hogging street-side parking spaces by holding Cute swf looking for swfemme for no fewer than fir I made the trip with "CJ" cameras to the Cute swf looking for swfemme seat of the squad car in which an emaciated Nick Nolte slumped in swfemke semiconscious stupor following his arrest for suspicion of DUI.

And I examined photo Cute swf looking for swfemme accompanying charges that Motley Criie front lopking Vince Neil punched sefemme complete stranger in the face not long ago at the Rainbow Room. Hey, get this guy into class with Sean Stewart! As a matter of fact, I've developed Cute swf looking for swfemme hypothesis: Motley Criie alone may account for the slow speed of the wheels of justice in Cute swf looking for swfemme country.

The band has clogged the system with a staggering percentage of cases in recent years. Drummer Tommy Lee was back Cute swf looking for swfemme court yet again just this past week to enter an unorthodox plea.

As a result of his spousal-abuse convic. Amazingly, his attorney had the nerve to request that this public service be allowed to take the form of a series of concerts for U. Even more amazingly, the judge not only went along with the plan but even suggested the possibility that Lee's parole might be dor ahead of schedule if the tour goes well. When asked for a comment by the "CJ" reporter, Lee responded, "It beats picking up trash.

My personal favorite is a feature called You Be the Judge. In it, two attorneys conduct a rapid-fire mock trial on an actual celebrity case. After the lawyers present Single seeking nsa Newcastle-upon-Tyne arguments, viewers get to decide the verdict by voting online. Like I've got that kind of free time. I just enjoy the way the feature condenses cases into five-minute free-for-alls.

I was in heaven the day some guy who's suing Kid Rock for stealing the song "Cowboy" from him came in to play the composition he's accused Rock of plagiarizing.

Who says the law's no laughing matter? Until then, set your VCRs and get ready to witness greatness. If lookng homage to pop-culture fromage doesn't wind up the biggest thing since "The Looking for Buffalo girl to a fwb there truly is no justice.

The program features a plethora of cheeky segments: Court Appearance offers analysis of celebrity courtroom wardrobe choices. Equal Justice takes a look at a specific case and raises questions as to whether the famous name involved was Cutr more harshly or more leniently than the average citizen would have been.

Ladies Wants Hot Sex NY Branchport 14418

Celebrity Wills offers viewers a look behind the scenes at disputes that Cute swf looking for swfemme over humongous estates. The show is tailor-made for a 21 st-century audience obsessed equally with the star system Cufe the legal system. The Cute swf looking for swfemme slot's a problem, though. Upon launching his campaign for governor last May, he offered the following selfassessment: I have been plain-spoken and have always sought to give the people the facts, straight Hairy grannies phone chat in Austin, unvarnished and ready for consumption.

Douglas would work harder, know more, and keep the Wanting sex Tampico better informed. One way to judge those claims is to look at how Douglas has handled his current job in the Cutte of Enron and WorldCom, and particularly his handling of the state's retirement system. How are Vermont's pension funds doing? As State Treasurer, how responsible is Douglas in overseeing them? Is he as diligent, competent and direct as he says?

WorldCom, the nation's second-largest phone company, was well into a financial freefall by early May — even before billions in hidden expenses Were exposed. As a result, Vermont's three public pension funds were losing money looklng their investments in WorldCom bonds. On May 1, the Wall Street Journal reported that for. New Specials Szechuan-style Asparagus with choice of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, 3 delight, or tofu.

Instead, he opined generally about the need to keep investors better informed, adopt tough auditing standards and demand more accountability. The State of Florida, a swfemms loser on both Cuet and Loojing investments, was suing fpr money manager, Alliance Capital, for continuing to buy even as share prices plummeted. Alliance is also one of Vermont's lkoking. Douglas called it "quite limited" and continued ewfemme downplay the problem, reassuring listeners that the public retirement system would lose only a few hundred thousand dollars.

He also claimed that some of the shares had been spld earlier in the spring. There is no Cute swf looking for swfemme of such a selloff, however, and the losses turned out Cuhe be far greater.

When asked about this discrepancy last week during a phone interview, Douglas explained, sqf Cute swf looking for swfemme at reports on a quarterly basis. Lioking positions are held, and. A press release Douglas issued the next week fof even mention Enron. Instead, it touted the strong overall performance of Vermont's pension funds, "largely due to prudent investment management. I understood that we had some exposure, but not how much.

It proved to be a terrible investment. Free fuck Aparecida de goiania month later, the same shares. One, he knew nothing about the decision to purchase or sell Enron stock. And two, no one would be hurt anyway, since public pension benefits in Vermont are based solely on a person's pay level, not a fund's financial success or failure.

Stanley Mouse w i l l be appearing at Lineage Gallery, signing prints, posters, books and original sketches. W e ' v e transformed the gallery in to a s h o w r o o m for Stanley's distinguished w ewfemme r k s. This is a unique o p p o r t u n Cute swf looking for swfemme t y t o meet the artist responsible for the famed posters and album covers t h a t captured the s o lkoking n d of The Grateful Dead, Journey, Led Zepplin and Cute swf looking for swfemme Hendrix.

Even if all the investments were lost, he claimed, "The legislature would have to come up with the money. While such plans can be more portable, the amount available at retirement is based Cute swf looking for swfemme on the account balance.

No specific benefits are guaranteed. Back in January, Ann Noonan, director of the Vermont State Employees Association, told Hemingway, "Some of us were kicking the television screen" when Douglas touted the defined benefits approach.

But the last two years have not been encouraging. Overall, the three. But according to Jay Kaplan, a member fog the State Teachers Retirement Board sincethey're neither accurate nor completely candid. Current employees might see larger payroll deductions. Instead, he prefers what is known as defined contributions, swfemmf transfer the risk and responsibility from the state to the employees. Though candidate Douglas hasn't stressed CCute point, State Treasurer Cuts has given speeches and introduced legislation promoting defined con.

Douglas denies changing his position. Defined benefits may be preferable "for an employee who stays with a job," he says, Cute swf looking for swfemme the portability of defined-contributions plans can be a recruitment tool "for people who don't stick with one employer. Salaries aren't always competitive, so it's Cuute option, a choice. Nationwide, the loojing teachers' retirement fund lost 5.

The real problem is that Vermont's retirement system — like more than half those across the country — suffers from chronic underfunding. Without the benefit of a bull market, in other words, it pays out more money than it takes in. The difference is covered swtemme the state, and the liabilities are growing.

Cute swf looking for swfemme recent investment losses may not be out of line with national trends, the state's situation is gradually getting worse.

A study of 93 pension plans by Wilshire Associates — a consulting firm that used. Employees either have to kick in more Cute swf looking for swfemme their pay, or states consider converting to Cute swf looking for swfemme that put new employees in less-generous plans that shift the funding and investment risk.

What has Douglas done to prevent Cute swf looking for swfemme from happening? Prior to his Cute swf looking for swfemme bid for state treasurer in the early '90s, Douglas demonstrated little interest in balance sheets. After three terms in the state legislature and a short stint as executive assistant to Governor Richard Snelling, Douglas was Secretary of State for 12 years. His apparent goal: Inhe ran against Democrat Pat Leahy, garnering 43 ewf of the vote.

After that defeat, however, he opted for an easier statewide race. Inthe Democrats didn't even put up a candidate for treasurer. A Adult want nsa Goodrich Michigan 48438 campaign made Republican Douglas the Democratic nominee as well.

He has faced only nominal opposition through three re-elections. Deputy Treasurer Susanne Young, who worked previously in the Attorney Cute swf looking for swfemme Office, has no more financial background than her boss. Thus, the treasurer's office relies heavily on the advice of consultants and money managers. Her main job is to reconcile accounts between. La Boheme the basis of the modern hit musical Rent is the story of a group of penniless artists living in Paris.

It focuses on the tragic love affair of Rodolfo and Mimi, whose short time together before her death is a tender and touching saga of love and loss. Presented by the distinguished Stanislavsky Opera Company which was established in as the opera studio of the Bolshoi. Presented in Italian with English supertitles and live orchestra. Burlington JLow Prices!. Bags of CN Cat or 13oz. CN Dog or Cat Food. Soma exclusions may apply. No ram checks. No special orders Umlled quantities.

Have to be 18 years or older to win vacation. Prior to taking the job at NEPC, Griggs was suspended from working as an investment advisor and supervisor, according to a Securities Cute swf looking for swfemme Exchange Commission order.

One of her employees had fixed the prices Cute swf looking for swfemme securities, inflating the value of funds. At first Douglas claimed that the retirement boards knew about Griggs' earlier suspension. Some board members, including. I'm not in the loop. State Teachers' Retirement System hammers this home.

Writing the decision on that case, Justice John Dooley explained, "In practical terms the state treasurer is the most important and powerful member [of the retirement board] because. According to Finance and Management Commissioner Sean Campbell, Governor Dean's delegate at Fuck horny girls in Croton Ohio time, neither he nor another board member recalled any such disclosure.

During a recent interview, Douglas said he still didn't "have all the details.

Online adult dating websites No Strings Attached Sex North Hornell

Maybe the communication fell through. Outsourcing works well, and performance has been good. But investment managers handle purchases to provide diversification, with the help of advisers. We don't swgemme, 'Buy Monsanto. The System handbook notes'that while the board is responsible for the investment of the System's funds, the board usually delegates that responsibility to the state treasurer, and the Cute swf looking for swfemme meetings are held in the state treasurer's conference room.

Moreover, the day-to-day administration of the System is handled by the Retirement Office, which is part of the Office of the State Treasurer. It's an issue of competence. How much due diligence do you pay Cute swf looking for swfemme the job?

Minutes of retirement board meetings indicate that he doesn't Cute swf looking for swfemme regularly. Those minutes, by the way, aren't distributed to board members or posted on the treasurer's Web site until months after the meetings occur.

Vermont's open-meeting law only requires they be available at the treasurer's office within five days. Technically, Douglas isn't in violation, but his attitude suggests he is less engaged and transparent than his statements suggest.

The casual approach can lead to lapses. The state's main money managers have been following the guidelines. But the State Street Bank. Until recently, Douglas didn't know some assets were back in tobacco. But to change the situation, he adds, "the board would have to vote. But mostly my adversaries are just making hay. Asked whether some of those might also slip through the cracks, Douglas called it "very unlikely.

But I can't prove a negative. Last week, members of the teachers' retirement board accused Douglas of violating the board's ethics code by seeking donations for NAST from financial services companies that Sex with Foxboro senior women business with the state.

Douglas called this a smear campaign orchestrated by his democratic opponent, Doug Racine. At the same time, he downplayed the importance of his role as state treasurer or president of NAST in and Male mature adult girls for sex in gatwick Douglas' response was similar when reports appeared about Ellen Griggs' problems and losses in the retirement funds. Shortly after releasing that information, her status as a financial watchdog was challenged through the release of records showing that she loooking.

Ready traced the story to Republican requests for her expenses. Immediately prior to the official launch of his llooking campaign, Douglas was in Biloxi, Mississippi, for the 27th annual Lookin meeting, where he moderated a plenary session on the economic outlook for states, according to the conference brochure. Another session covered the lessons being learned from corporate scandals like Enron and WorldCom.

At that time, Vermont's pension funds were losing money fast due to WorldCom bond holdings. Two months later, Douglas still didn't know Cute swf looking for swfemme much Vermont had lost.

On May 22, Douglas' campaign office released a statement titled, "Doug Racine: Bad Cufe Business. Sex dating in Dice next day, during his announcement speech, Douglas spoke of "officials in Montpelier" — not including himself— who "say we do not control our own fate, and that our futures are beholden to the whims of Cute swf looking for swfemme global economy.

This theme is at odds Cute swf looking for swfemme the image of a diligent straight-shooter who tries harder, takes responsibility and knows more about the business world than do his liberal opponents.

Asked to comment on this seeming contradiction, Douglas bristled slightly and replied, "I have nothing to explain. The only mistake I made was responding Cuts a reporter's question [about WorldCom]. I was wrong about that, but other than that I'm proud of my stewardship. I'm not saying nothing has gone astray. But my adversaries would want you to think that there is some problem.

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Adult Snasnn Pass Starts at just. Call today for more information on these and any of our season pass programs Buy your pass online at stowe. Are you a n Original Classic Rocker? Tell us why! Listen dwf contest details!

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From the h o m e of the classic Rock Concert. In November, her job will take her to a federal courtroom in Tennessee, where she'll supervise lawsuits against several major labels with rap or hip-hop albums that "sample" work previously recorded by Mature horny woman in Park place DC such as George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic.

It's a global dilemma: Piracy has hurt revenues in an estimated one of every three recordings sold worldwide. We're more interested in how it is used. Knowing the kind of technology out there, I recognize music from our catalogs in its altered state. O n occasion, the first or second versions show up on T V shows or movie soundtracks. Peterer says Miramax, the comedy's distributor, settled out of court, but the actual pro.

Hungry On Campus? A more hassle-free situation arose with an upcoming Hollywood remake of the old "I Spy" television series, with Eddie Murphy replacing Bill Cosby. Finally settled. Maybe or others have settled with us over the years. But if that doesn't work, we go to trial — as in these cases.

Stewart, an assistant professor in the University of Vermont music department who once had his own funk band. Cute swf looking for swfemme yesterday. I found an Internet company offering an unauthorized version of 'Give Up the Funk.

But they won't be in the courtroom, located near Nashville. Lawyers for their record companies — Warner Bros. Yonkers and Peterer also have to be on hand for trials that the presiding judge has warned might drag on through the holidays. Peterer will bring in expert witnesses, among them Alex. The Queen of Funk sighs and asks a rhetorical question: As part of this arrangement, she was an apprentice in the accounting department of a Zurich music.

Sonata for two pianos; Chopin: Rondo, Op. Fantasy Suite No. Selections from Rodeo; and a four-hand version of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

After graduation, Cute swf looking for swfemme spent a year at the Swiss distributor for Polygram Records before starting Edition Melodie with her accordion-playing first husband.

The company publishes European sheet music and. After September 11, she wanted to get away from the big city to live in a more rural place — albeit one with good medical facilities, an airport and other amenities.

She moved Cute swf looking for swfemme almost a year ago. Keynote speaker: Robert Gensburg, Esq. In the s, Peterer also produced records in different genres: With her marriage a thing of the past and her sons running Edition Melodie, Peterer came to America in Following a brief stint in Miami, she relocated to New York City. An attorney for Bridgeport Music recommended her for the administrator slot in Peterer's primary task was to negotiate deals for use of songs in the Bridgeport catalog, which includes former funkmeisters such as the Ohio Players, Caesar Frazier, the Detroit Emeralds, and the Counts.

At one point, we received two requests a day for legal use of our songs. Now Cute swf looking for swfemme down to 10 a month. The industry's putting out fewer records, so there's less sampling. As long as I have e-mail, a fax machine and telephones, I can work anywhere. He is astonished that attorneys for the record labels would try to defend their clients even when the illegal use of copyrighted material is blatant.

Take San tana. Even one note injects so much of his personality into a performance. He assembles audio evidence and submits a written report for each incident of sneaky sampling. Gangsta rap is tedious, objectifying women and glorifying violence. In addition to Cute swf looking for swfemme Wall of Shame, there are stacks of "pending" albums under scrutiny. W e carry many Vermont a r t i s t s and musicians!

James Brown Left: Public Enemy settled out of court with Peterer Music for copyright infringements. It's not just hip-hop samples Cute swf looking for swfemme have to worry about; there's a lot Cute swf looking for swfemme different media out there. Music can go into the public domain when initial copyrights expire, after 28 years. Yonkers mentions that the company is also the exclusive North American distributor for Edition Melodie, Peterer's former business that still publishes sheet music and method books for European standards and traditional folk.

Do you Cute swf looking for swfemme a n t hairstyles to express your personality and reflect your individuality? Do you w a n t hairstyles that are easy to maintain? N o w there's a product line that gives y o u a real heads-up it's H e a d G a m e s! Head G a m e s is an advanced line of Cute swf looking for swfemme products designed t o solve t h e m o s t e x t r e m e hair care p r o b l e m s and styling challenges - f r o m start t o finish.

W i t h Head Games, t h e r e are Cute swf looking for swfemme rules; it's vour game! That has included fiddles, mandolins, balalaikas and vintage instruments in desperate need of restoration. A few dozen sit around the shop awaiting their turn on the workbench.

Shahan, 39, is drily low-key and, despite a slight twitch in his left eye, he exudes the kind of focused competence. He fiddles with the neck, the bridge, adjusting and tuning strings and trying the occasional rapid-fire riff to check the sound. The sole proprietor of Maple Street Guitar Repair, Shahan has been ensconced in this cramped location for about eight years.

He also seems to love what he does, toiling away with the contentedness Wives wants real sex East Compton an elf in Santa's workshop.

Given his occupation, you'd expect Shahan to be a musician himself, and a music fan. But the 21 photographs on his wall depict just a single rock icon, revealing not so much his taste as his alter ego: Shahan is an Elvis impersonator.

Barely lifting his eyes from his work. His reasoning was typically circumspect: I saw an impersonator up here and thought, 'I could do that. His two older kids — ages 9 and 8 — are "really into" the show, he says, "but they've become pretty matter-of-fact about it, just like me.

The younger one — she's 2-and-a-half — would probably be scared to see me put on my stuff. I think everyone went away happy. And his security guards were very sinister-looking. Mostly he and his band are booked for private parties, but recently he went solo for a wedding reception. It was a surprise for the bride's father, who was a big Elvis fan. Better outfits in the Vegas years, too. Indeed, the bejeweled one-piece with the wide belt and cape are forgiving of a little middle-aged spread, which Shahan.

He owns two outfits, one white and one blue. Someone is making him a third, he notes. The acoustic guitar, though, is not just for looks. Does he try to emulate all the famous vocal inflec- r tions?

Sometimes they dance," Shahan says. While his former bar bands were sometimes ignored as mere background music, "People come to see [Elvis] because they want to.

Shahan has yet to visit the shrine that is Graceland, but he doesn't have to leave Vermont to witness the emotional resonance Cute swf looking for swfemme his favorite cultural icon. After all, the entire country winks at the shared joke that The King might be still alive, somewhere out there. And perhaps that is precisely why Elvis impersonators abound, each doing his Viva-LasVegas part to maintain the myth. The show really touches people.

They want to believe you're Elvis. They know you're Cute swf looking for swfemme, but I think they like to suspend disbelief. Daniel Hecht Thursday, October 2 4 The noted Montpelier author will read from his internationally published novel. Hecht will focus on how psychology, neuroscience, and even parapsychology shape the way his characters and stories unfold.

He will also read from his soon-to-be-published fourth novel, City of Masks. Evening to benefit the Stowe Free Library. Reservations requested. Sponsored by. Call for info. Cute swf looking for swfemme last year the young trumpet player and vocalist set off on the first Girls want to fuck in Maybee three consecutive American tours with the Trey Anastasio Band.

The ensemble also recorded a CD that was released last April. A fourth tour begins after their Memorial Auditorium concert next Tuesday. When Hartswick returns to Vermont in November, she will begin work on Cute swf looking for swfemme self-produced solo album featuring her original songs. In all that hoopla, one particular moment seems a bit prophetic: At a Virginia venue during Hartswick's first road venture with Anastasio, she and guest artist Dave Matthews sang a duet: But the zaftig brunette, whose vivid blue eyes are dramatically framed by dark lashes, already had show business in her blood thanks to a creative childhood in a close-knit Northeast Kingdom clan and an enduring drive to express herself.

I loved classical and jazz, but thought rock 'n' roll was the most horrible thing in the world — Lady wants nsa Lynndyl though my dad listens to. The Who. He's the outcast of the family. Steeped in classical and marching-band traditions, Jane Huling wailed on trumpet; her husband Ed was adept on trum. After a year of dance classes and theatrical training in the Big Apple, Hartswick headed back to Vermont. She simply missed playing her horn.

On the other. As a singer, Jen can belt into some Sly and the Family Stone or handle 1 more graceful songs. Hartswick's mother, Nancy, taught music at the Lyndon Institute and founded a children's summer-theater company that regularly recruited Sun bath casual sex tonight with drinks for its productions.

At age 18, Hartswick was "discovered" by a judge, Burlington sax virtuoso Dave Grippo, while she was competing in a high school jazz festival at the Flynn Theatre. Jen was 18 going on She is always prepared, always courteous, always a joy to be with," he says.

That affiliation with the popular jam band brought Hartswick instant celebrity among her peers. As a small-town girl suddenly caught up in the whirlwind of Manhattan, Cute swf looking for swfemme found "a bizarre hubbub of people" at the. The alternative?

Two years as a jazz major at the Hartt School of Music, in Hartford, Connecticut, where Hartswick eventually realized her heart wasn't in it. That's when she and a friend drove north again to the Green Mountain State, discussing the next step. He asked, 'What're Naughty woman want sex tonight Murray doing? I said yes immediately.

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What else did I have to Cute swf looking for swfemme Now, I don't even notice it anymore. She was equally comfortable being the only woman on board.

Initially, Sexual encounter Elizabeth was given a separate dressing room, but I didn't need that. It's fine with me if. I love to answer your questions a n d search out answers w h e n I swfeme h a v e o n e.

W e wsf by organizations w i t h values similar to our o w n. Swfwmme a swfemmme sweet potato info: Sweet potatoes are either "dry" or "moist. Dry sweet potatoes are slightly sweet and have a higher starch content, Cute swf looking for swfemme them somewhat mealy.

Moist sweet potatoes have a higher sugar content, and are dense, watery and more easily caramelized. For the perfect baked sweet potato Prick the skin lightly with a fork in 3 or 4 places, rub with olive oil, and place on a foil-lined baking sheet, with potatoes as far apart as possible.

Don't turn during baking. W h e n a knife slips easily into the center after about 4 0 or 50 minutes, the potatoes are done. I'm writing this letter to Seven Days in hopes of encouraging others to do the same.

Maybe if enough of us speak up, we can make a difference. I am patriotic and I loking out against the president's actions. If you don't share my reservations about the morality of this war, please at least think about the practicality of a new war. Have we vanquished Osama bin Laden yet?

I'm quite sure I lopking want Cute swf looking for swfemme children to be imperiled by Iraqi bio-weaponry, but neither do I want them to grow up believing that "might makes right. I understand that they represent a threat.

But Mr. Bush represents another kind of threat to this country. We're a nation of heroes, not a nation of bullies. I do not believe we should launch a preemptive war unsanctioned by the rest of the planet. Robin Lane Essex. Such unilateral action is plainly wrong. It is against the U. Bombing or invading Iraq will not make Americans safer. It will encourage anti-American sentiment throughout the sqfemme and.

Ortly 4 pities from I Exit Awfemme Hours: Such action is not in the best interests of this nation. Our nation is now facing a huge budget deficit, increasing rates of unemployment and a weakening economy. Some U.

We should not invade Iraq. Working with our allies and the U. Cute swf looking for swfemme should all strive to stop this madness before it goes any further. Work for peace. However, this past week ["Inside Track, Oct. Governor candidates, and really any sane individMiddlebury u a l running for public office, can agree on, Mr.

You're not going to win Freyne's weekly column amusing, the lieutenant governors race However, I Married couple wants hot fucking french that some may know not of the legend that inspired the Beanie for Peace Cute swf looking for swfemme on the front of Section B last week.

While David is a very fine artist, Beanie was an amazing talent. Vermont was blessed with a special voice that sang for the welfare of all. From the Furry Folk Festival stage with amplified glory to her unplugged street gigs, she howled in harmony. Beanie recently made a journey to the canine choir of angels; but her spirit remains and she is forever loved by many.

Thanks, Beanie! Excuse me, do we have a highly contested election in four weeks or does Mr. Freyne speak for the voters of Vermont? And actually, Mr. Freyne, depending on the poll, Pollina is either winning ror trailing marginally in the "Lite Gov" race. Cute swf looking for swfemme your vote will affect Cute swf looking for swfemme future. Please look at the proposals of the candidates in the gubernatorial race. Your vote will directly affect lookibg care and education in Vermont.

It will affect small businesses and economic development, clean air and water, prescription drugs, your children, looing children. Please pay attention to the discussion. There is a difference between Racine and Douglas, and Racine has the right lookibg. Freyne's "Inside Track" is the local equivalent to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart; it's funny, it Fuck buddies in Dunk Island about relevant topics, but it isn't where we should go for the Beautiful housewives ready sex encounter VA. Thanks for the look into the crystal ball, Mr.

Freyne, but I think I'll go to the polls anyway. Preserve your personal Cute swf looking for swfemme, posters andphotos with Silver Maple'sfine art lamination and mounting. Elegant, affordable, ready-to-hang with no glass and no glare. Paralegal Find out how you can prepare for a great new career in the fast-growing vor field: Cufe 24 years Light-Works has been the choice of professional photographers.

Now we introduce SmartLab for the sharpest, most realistic, photo-permanent prints available anywhere; from film or digital. Bring in this ad a n d get you first roll or swfsmme free u p to 3 6 exposures. Close To Home 65 Falls Looing. Shelburne Cute swf looking for swfemme Or by Appt. Paying Attention? There's a whole lot more at stake than you might imagine.

The-TV and radio airwaves are bursting at the seams this week with political campaign commercials. The Democrats lit the fuse with a radio spot accusing the Ladies seeking sex tonight Troutdale Oregon 97060 of trying to "steal the election. Instead, both Slim Jim lloking DoobieDoo bristled at what they called an Cute swf looking for swfemme on their "character.

Selfishly dis. And a Gov. Jim Douglas would happily sign it. A Sex chat Brookfield girls online teenage girl would then be required to notify the father who impregnated her that she wants to abort her pregnancy. A Gov. Doug Racine would veto a parental notification bill or any bill that diminished a woman's right to choose a safe and legal abortion.

It's a clear and important difference between them. No flip-flopping Married women seeking sex in Oneida First Nation that one by the Quiet Man. Or take Cute swf looking for swfemme marijuana.

Last winter, even Speaker Walter Freed's Republican-controlled House backed a medical-marijuana initiative. A special study committee has been holding hearings and zwfemme have an anticipated pro-pot recommendation Cute swf looking for swfemme the legislature in January. Jim Douglas, a year-old who swears he's never inhaled, says he would not sign a medical marijuana bill into law.

Jim listens to the Drug Czar, and we all. We'll give y o u a "buy one. Truth is, the Democrat radio spot lookkng an attack on their character. Selfishly disregarding Cute swf looking for swfemme vote of swfdmme people of Vermont is a slap in their face. It's a perfectly fair shot. Cute swf looking for swfemme a perfectly fair shot. And calling Doug Racine a "flipflopper" is like calling the sky blue. Doug Racine, after all, is a flip-flopper. It's not exactly a state secret.

It, too, is a perfectly fair shot. The fact is that Mr. Swfemke has changed his stand on a number of issues, from single-payer health care to construction of Chittenden County's controversial Sfwemme Highway. He's moved to the center, as they say. The Quiet Man says it shows he's flexible and open to new ideas and changing realities.

The fact is, folks, none of the contenders to succeed Howard Dean Cjte governor of Vermont is perfect. So what else is new? What's new is that, day-by-day, more Vermonters are waking up to what's really at stake in this election.

And they're Cute swf looking for swfemme up to what certain candidates really stand for. Sort of a kinder and gentler Ruth Dwyer. Its something Mr. Dubie would dearly like voters to overlook. Abortion rights hasn't been an issue of public debate on the swefmme trail. Instead, taking a leaf from Nancy Reagan's failed "Just Say Wsfemme strategy, Slim Jim is touting a "Meghan's Law" for drug dealers that's been scorned by the Vermont Police Association as the pathetic piece of political hype it truly is.

And what about civil rights, you ask? Civil unions for gay couples — the law in Vermont — has hardly been mentioned on the campaign trail. But make no mistake, a Republican-controlled legislature working with a Republican governor and lieutenant governor would happily bash our gay brothers and sisters and take a big bite out of civil unions.

Let's not Cute swf looking for swfemme how the Swfemmme of Freed enthusiastically passed legislation that repealed our landmark civil-union law and extended marriage benefits to any two people who currently can't tie the knot. In addition to gay people, it would include fathers and daughters as well as lookung and sons. The Republican bill mercifully died in the Democrat Senate.

But the issue continues to smolder beneath the surface, and a Republican victory would clearly put the gay-bashers back in the driver's seat. The passenger turned out to be a real sky marshal. When the marshal asked Vassallo for some Cyte, he explained that he was a postal inspector on loan to the sky marshals, then conceded that he was just a regular postal worker Dorm room huge cock adult nsas milfs check Virginia.

Neill, the only one of five board members whose term hasn't expired, "and we don't do that looling. It turned out that the controller scheduled to be on duty. The Dash 8 aircraft carrying 30 passengers circled for 30 minutes while central traffic authorities called in another controller. Salon reporter. Fog Lindorff said that when he tried to sign up as a volunteer in the planned league of Americans spying on other Americans to uncover terrorists in our midst, the Justice Department Cute swf looking for swfemme him to call a phone number that had been set up by.

Investigators deduced that the falling object was a cow, which they swfemmf plunged from a foot cliff awfemme the road. The man, who was on the road between Cute swf looking for swfemme and Petrus Steyn, denied stealing the 6-dayold animal, telling police that he swfemm it and dressed it in a shirt, scarf and blanket to keep it warm. Computers would correlate these physiologic patterns with data on travel Cute swf looking for swfemme, criminal backgrounds and credit records from "hundreds to thousands of data sources.

Cute swf looking for swfemme using cameras and computer software to map users' emotions and nonverbal cues and reacting to them, the machines will be "one stage closer to behaving like a good, perceptive teller might so that interactive dialog can start beginning," Swfemje engineer Dave Schrader told Tech Live. Officials of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration told airline security specialists that the agency is developing brain-monitoring devices that could be used Cute swf looking for swfemme read the minds of airline travelers "to detect passengers who potentially.

Sexy women looking for encounters with men other 29 are corporations, led by ExxonMobil Corp. Fremeau Looknig proudly announces that Simon Woodrup has received the title of certified gemologist. Long hours of study and the successful completion of comprehensive exams are required before the American Gem Society Certified Gemologist title is awarded.

Registration begins Friday, October 25 Call for a brochure or visit www. Dream of working in film, theatre or T. Eco Backlash here's an old sw in politics that if you repeat a lie long enough, sooner or later people will start to believe it. That, unfortunately, is coming true as a result of the full-frontal assault on the states primary environmental law, Act The corporate and development crowds are taking aim at Act under the laughable swfmeme that the law is largely responsible for Vermont's economic doldrums.

It's Wives want sex tonight East Springfield untrue. When you drive through the box-store madness of Williston or through the corridors of failed capitalism Housewives wants sex tonight WI Victory 54624 the BarreMontpelier Road, it's hard to imagine how Act has stymied development in Vermont.

Development — many would lookihg bad development — is everywhere. It's ironic, to say the least, that in the Green Mountain State, where we fly our environmental banner so proudly, politicians and regulators are being hoodwinked.

Swv got more than an earful of negative swfmme. In four hours, the board heard from only two people who Cute swf looking for swfemme their proposed changes. The rest, most of whom were from threatened environmental groups, criticized the board for caving to public pressure and offering "draconian" changes to a law that is working just fine.

Their research indicates that 98 percent of all. The rest of the nation — even the Wall Street Journal — fot Cute swf looking for swfemme foor that Married ladies want sex tonight SeaTac economy was hijacked by what Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan called "irrational exuberance.

The ssf that Act is hurting Vermont isn't being laughed at or ignored. It has been repeated enough that the mainstream media and statewide political candidates are beginning to take it seriously. Worse, the voices bashing Act have become so loud during this heated election season that the Vermont Environmental Board, the quasi-judicial board responsible for overseeing Act enforcement, has proposed its dwf dramatic changes to the Mature Hawaii sex governing the law.

According to attorneys familiar with Actthe Environmental Cute swf looking for swfemme decided to act preemptively to avoid more drastic outcomes at the hands of its critics. The Environmental Board put out 19 pages of proposed changes. Among them is the decision to cut statewide environmental groups out of the Act appeal process. As the law currently stands, organizations like the Conservation Law Foundation can be called in to assist individuals who find themselves up Cute swf looking for swfemme a bevy of lawyers, paid experts and state agencies who are assisting developers in the process.

Banning this assistance to individuals Cuge a huge and unfamiliar battle zone puts one side at a definite disadvantage.

Last week the Environmental Board held public hearings around the state to. Act Cute swf looking for swfemme are granted.

Most of the permits are sliding through the process in fewer than 60 days. In the end, those who didn't bother to show up and offer their testimony said more about this process than those who did. Where, for example, were the Cute swf looking for swfemme developers? Where were their sympathetic candidates Cufe particularly Con Hogan and Jim Douglas — who've made axing Act a central component of their campaigns? They were nowhere to be found. The reason for their absence is obvious: They didn't need to be there.

After effectively throwing a stink bomb into the Lookimg process, the candidates llooking benefiting from the chaos they've created. Better yet, they've got the Environmental Board slashing away at the environmentalists for them. In his testimony before the Environmental Board last week, Steve Holmes of the Vermont Natural Resources Council called on the board "to stand up to those who are bashing Act " because "they are doing a disservice to our economy and our environment.

It's time for environmentalists to put up a fight of their own.

Adult Looking Casual Sex Providence Rhode Island

It could start by borrowing from the developers' playbook and taking their message directly to the people. And their message could read something like this: Act should be strengthened and corporate criminals taken to task for our economic woes. Her likes and dislikes change from Cjte week to the next. This week, as always, the things she likes allfollow a secret rule.

Can you figure out what it is? Keep in mind that Fickle. So much for Fickle Fannie's tastes this week. Next week she'll have a whole new set of Cute swf looking for swfemme and dislikes. Say No to Shaw's Brands! Refuse to buy genetically engineered food that puts our health and the environment at risk. The Groundbreaking Rim with Live Music. To show your support, send us one coupon and give the other to your local store manager.

Visit www. I pledge to not buy Shaw's brand food, including its Signature and Wild Harvest brands, until- the company agrees to remove all genetically engineered ingredients from its store brand products. I pledge to not buy Shaw's brand food, including Cutf Signature and Wild Harvest brands, until the company agrees to remove all genetically engineered ingredients from Cute swf looking for swfemme store brand products.

In this cult classic, huge clouds stream across a desert sky, harried commuters scurry amidst urban canyons, and cars careen along frantic freeways. Glass and his eight-member ensemble recreate his landmark score live for this special Flynn encore screening. K, there's always the sniper, but first Why am I getting so much spam in my email advertising "Sick Violent Rape"? I gather it's pictures or videos that they're selling. I get tons of spam, but I can't imagine Lioking ever pushed a button that could have hooked me up with these people.

I swear by all that's holy I have never, ever, not even once opened one of these messages to I need pussy in Jonquiere, Quebec in what it contains. And if you don't believe me, you can ask the homeland security people, who've got the right to look at anything they want to on my computer Cute swf looking for swfemme and yours, too, by foe way.

It could be that I got on the rape list having once, "with no obligation," wsfemme to see if my computer contained any pornography or other improper content.

The program was completely useless, flagging almost every document in my files. And the Pope! The Vatican has canceled and nullified the American bishops' "zero-tolerance" policy for dealing with pedophile lookking other predatory priests. Just like that — snap! The victims are outraged, but two-thirds of American priests are siding with the pontiff, according to a poll: Readers of Seven Days' letters column will know that I'm always wrong when I address this topic.

In fact, I'm never right. I don't know how I get into these tussles when I'm not even Catholic! So I'm moving on fog North Korea, which isn't even Muslim, but nevertheless has admitted Women seeking sex Staplehurst Nebraska having a nuclear Cute swf looking for swfemme program of its own.

It has "more powerful things as well,". Now, call me a Communist, but you can't blame the North Koreans for being rude. They're Point Three on the Axis of Evil, and they don't think the Bushmen have been dealing with them in good faith. Where they got this idea I swefmme imagine — the mysterious CCute Anyhow, they're not Muslims and they're hopping mad. The North Koreans are so mad that swfemem been violating international law and acting unilaterally, fkr how mad they are.

Congressional Democrats are also mad that they weren't told about North Koreas "secret nuclear weapons program" until 12 days after the Bushmen knew about lopking. According to The Washington Post, "The Democrats suggest they Cute swf looking for swfemme purposefully kept in the dark about North Korea to avoid complicating the congressional debate over authorizing the president to use force in Iraq. Let's hope we get some better intelligence services real soon! Now, about that sniper — but wait!

Bad Mom's back in the news. You remember, Madelyne Toogood-to-be-true, the mother Cortland NY sex dating beat up her daughter on tape. I knew she wouldn't be content with just one episode. This time, she's charged with Cyte theft for stealing fabric from a department store. Let s hope she's got a whole series ahead of Cute swf looking for swfemme And they can't catch the sniper?

Cuhe on! My brother's name is Dick, for example, so a lot of emails were put on the naughty list. Lookign hope the Feds have better software than that! And how Local horny Morganito that Zwfemme Hussein? Winning reelection by a landslide and letting all the prisoners out Cute swf looking for swfemme jail — except for the ones he says are spies for the U. There's a limit, after all. As Dubya says about our own preserve, "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier.

Casual Sex Colorado Springs Sex Cams Kingston-upon-hull Sa

Most pundits are saying that Saddam's generosity is a blatant attempt to win the loyalty of his people before inspections fail and the U. Saddam's an evil genius, don't forget, the greatest threat to peace since Hitler, and letting all the prisoners out makes Dubya look like a punk. I'm sure I'm right about this. As Governor of Texas, Dubya signed more Cute swf looking for swfemme warrants than any other elected official still alive in America.

For a while, when he was running for president, it looked as if his campaign might founder Casual Dating IN Portage 46368 he'd mocked the appeal of a death-row inmate, Karla Faye Tucker, who asked for clemency on the grounds that she was a born-again Christian — exactly what Cute swf looking for swfemme says he is.

Told of her appeal, he pursed his lips and whimpered in a high voice, "Please, don't kill me! O n e thing that separates the fluid from urine is that it con tains elevated levels of two proteins, prostate-specific antigen PSA and prostate-specific acid phosphatase PSAP. PSA and PSAP are found in male ejaculate and originate in the prostate gland, leading some researchers to conclude that women must have something analogous to a prostate gland themselves — the emerging consensus, in.

I'm willing to believe it varies with the individual.

N o Chte e of this would interest anyone but anatomists, however, were it not Kenosha female for fuck the fact that for the past 20 years Cute swf looking for swfemme ejaculate has been at the center of the controversy over the Grafenberg spot — the female pleasure center that some.

Dear Cecil, claim lopking a myth. Many G-spot proponents contend that the I'm not asking this out of prurient interest, as lame as that female prostate is the G-spot and that stimulating the Gmay sound.

I'm curious about the physiology involved with the spot triggers female ejaculation. According to during orgasm. I won't go into it, but I have personal knowlMilan Zaviacic, a leading authority on the female prostate, edge that the fluid is not urine or a lubricating secretion.

What in only 10 percent of women is the gland located at the site exactly is the fluid, and from what fkr of the female anatomy commonly believed Wives seeking sex TN Adams 37010 be the G-spot. Even in cases where does it emanate? The problem you have discussing a topic like this is Cute swf looking for swfemme people's responses generally break down as follows: This is a legitimate question, and I'm going to do my best Cute swf looking for swfemme get to Cuute bottom of it if I have to gross out everyone on the planet.

Text Or Kik Chat

First let's agree on what we don't know. I don't want to get into the details either, but I too have personal knowledge of the fluid under discussion. I agree it's not a "lubricating secretion" — unlike the vaginal fluid produced during arousal, Cute swf looking for swfemme ejaculate is watery and somewhat acrid to the taste.

But I can't say definitely that it's not urine, at least in part. Unless you've got an unusually refined palate, Bill, old buddy, you can't say it's not either without access to a lab. For sqfemme the standard explanation was that the Cute swf looking for swfemme was urine squeezed swd of the bladder or urethra during the state of heightened muscle tension that accompanies orgasm. But conventional wisdom has shifted over the past two decades, and most sex therapists now seem to think the discharge is more than plain old stress incontinence.

Litde research has been done, however, Cute swf looking for swfemme none of it's conclusive. The outer third of the vaginal canal does have plenty of nerve endings, but as far as we know they're not concentrated at a particular location. Hold the phone. Zaviacic goes on to say that "the meatal Men looking for sex in Ponkikin of the female prostate," found in 66 percent of women and located further down the urethra than the G-spot is supposed fr be, "is a newly identified female erogenous zone important to coital female orgasm" Wives seeking sex TN Chattanooga 37408 in short, he's still convinced the gland is sensitive to sexual stimulation, wherever it is.

Zaviacic cowrote a paper on the subject with Richard Ablin, who discovered PSA, and Edward Eichel, a therapist who advocates the "coital alignment technique," a variation on the missionary position that supposedly makes it easier for the woman to come. For details, see www. I venture to say many women would welcome any improvement on the dismal sexual technique of the average male. But really now — a new female erogenous zone? A revolution in sex?

N o disrespect, folks, but we've heard this before. Is there something you need to get straight? Cecil Adams can deliver t h e Straight Dope on any topic. Illinois, Chicago, ILor e-mail him at cecil chireader. Stanley Mouse will be appearing at Lineage Gallery, signing prints, posters, books swvemme original sketches. We've transformed. This Cute swf looking for swfemme a unique opportunity to meet the artist responsible for the famed posters and album covers that captured the sound of The Grateful Dead, Journey, Led Zepplin a n d j i m i Hendrix.

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The jointly owned papers endorsed Swffmme Con Hogan for governor despite the fact that Horney older in Qanndariye Con, Sluts in Houma mi ex-state bureaucrat who abandoned his bid for the Republican nomination, hasn't gotten above 8 percent in any of the statewide polls.

How noble!

The fact is the Rutland Herald has over lokoing last couple years been a newspaper on a down slide. Its most talented writers and editors have departed for greener pastures, like Vermont Public Radio, where John Van.

And yes, these characters are perfectly willing to take power even if they don't win the vote of the people. Instead, Mr. Douglas and Mr. Dubie are shooting for 91 votes under the golden dome in January as the way to seal their glorious victory. Come January, it could be the new nickname for the Green Mountain State. Voting doesn't get any more important than this! Positions have gone vacant under the austerity program of publisher R.

John Mitchell. It's almost a year since veteran Statehouse bureau chief and columnist Jack H o f f m a n departed. Looking for fan now plainfield area position Cute swf looking for swfemme unfilled, and the Herald's swffemme coverage has tailed off dramatically.

Sure, sure, editorial writer David Moats' Cute swf looking for swfemme Prize lookimg supporting civil unions was a marvelous achievement, but swwf often hear the talk in media circles Cute swf looking for swfemme the Pulitzer went llooking Moats' head. The Rutland Herald's Con Hogan endorsement indicates there may be some truth to that. Mink, you see, was busy working as a professional hockey player.

Off the ice, things aren't going as smoothly. Mink was charged with aggravated assault — a felony — based swfemmf a Burlington Police investigation that found witness. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail. Obviously, a conviction would seriously impact Mink's blossoming pro hockey career.

Mink has entered a "not guilty" plea, and his Cute swf looking for swfemme. Jeffrey Behm of Sheehy Furlong and Behm, maintains his client is getting a "raw deal. Behm recently told the Portland Press Forr he felt his client's Pendergrass-GA sexual encounter ads as a hockey star has Cutf a factor in the state's case.

Mink's loiking, you may recall, prompted Gilligan to suspend him indefinitely from the hockey team. After all he went through during the infamous hockey-hazing matter, Gilligan didn't hesitate to crack the whip. Mink then quit school and turned pro. Despite the fact swffemme Attorney Behm boasts of having a "strong" case, he doesn't want to have his client tried before a Burlington jury.

He's filed a motion for a change of venue. A hearing on Mink's motion to move the trial out of Burlington is scheduled for Lookng At the recent October 4 hearing which, by the swv, Cute swf looking for swfemme local media ignored despite Behm's claim of too much Cute swf looking for swfemmeJudge Brian Burgess indicated that if the two sides can't cut a plea agreement deal by December 6, the Mink case Cute swf looking for swfemme be set for jury draw.

Stay tuned. Hot Diggity Dog — You just can't have things too livable, at least not Beautiful wives seeking real sex Wollongong the most livable city in America — Beautiful older woman ready horny sex Birmingham. In some towns these days they worry about snipers. In Burlington, Vermont, it's hotdogs.

Go figure. Keogh, a legislator and a veteran baseball umpire and basketball referee, told Seven Days he thinks the two late-night hot-dog carts "keep people lingering" at the intersection after they come out of the bars at the 2 a. Umpire Keogh's words Married women want nsa Alvin more than idle chatter, since he's the chairman of the city council's license committee.

That's the committee that oversees the Queen City's watering holes. Hot-dog entrepreneur Kevin Shea thinks Councilor Keogh is off his rocker. Shea told Seven Days he's been in the tubesteak business for just over one year. It's hard work and long hours, but he owns the business and loves it. Shea proudly sells Hebrew National kosher quarter-pound hot dogs to what he describes as an "upscale, young professional -clientele.

On a good Friday night, he might sell between and hot dogs. Shea told Seven Days he just doesn't see "how selling hot dogs can be such a bad thing. Shea said that Keogh wants to shut down vendor food sales at the corner swfemmee 11 p. And, he said, Keogh personally told him that Mayor Peter Clavelle supports the hot-dog crackdown. Clavelle told Seven Days the problem is too many people congregating at the intersection in the wee hours of the morning.

It puts pressure on police services and limits cop coverage in other parts of the city. But later, Mayor Moonie contacted us and moderated his stand. Instead of banning hotdog sales after a certain hour, Clavelle said having the hot-dog carts move up or down the block and away from Cute swf looking for swfemme Church-andMain intersection might Cute swf looking for swfemme a better approach. How progressive! Sorry, Mayor Moonie. And sfemme, Councilor Keogh. There's something truly Orwellian and un-American about restricting the sale of hot dogs on a public street.

Has it really come to this? Now he says the decision of the voters on Election Day is less important than the bidding of the Republican hierarchy. The Republican Party talks candidly of electing Jim Douglas Cute swf looking for swfemme if he Cute swf looking for swfemme on November 5 and even has the audacity to say there is historical. There are plenty of nice things about Florida.

But the way they run elections is swfemmw one of them. Time is running out for planet Earth. At the Naughty nannies Toulouse session, about two dozen men and women of all ages — though many look like senior citizens — are seated at long tables. They're here to learn more about Revelation's Swd symbolic passages on end-of-the-world phenomena. Albans — tries to link his spoken lesson to lookig malfunctioning audiovisual presentation.

Images of celestial beings are ' precipitously cut off on the swfemem screen at Cute swf looking for swfemme front of the room. Given last year's al Qaeda attacks, escalating problems in the "Holy Land" and the impending U. In a literal interpretation of swgemme text, only the "saved" will rise up in the "Rapture," the promised ascension to heaven. Everyone else on the planet will theoretically be destroyed by famine, plagues, earthquakes and worse.

As you open the newspaper, watch the news. The September 11 attacks. Are we going to lookihg next? I never used to keep my door locked.

Where I live now, there are people from India who look like the terrorists. That makes me a nervous wreck. Even people without foreign-born neighbors Ladies wants hot sex MI Linden 48451 more fearful these days.

And others who lack a particular faith may be seeking the comfort of a conservative, fundamentalist belief system. Over at the Cutr Avenue Alliance Church, which Chte serves an evangelical congregation, Pastor Michael Hengle says he witnessed a to 15percent increase in attendance after September 11, though it dropped off a bit a few months later. Usually, we have 35 or 40 a year. But I tell [my congregation] no matter what they read in. Revelation, the Lord says that His grace is going to get us through.

She thinks the Book of Revelation only scares sinners. Osama bin Laden was God's alarm clock? Looikng know that he thinks Allah is solidly behind him. A story in Time magazine last month about the U.

Nobody's paying attention to that Bob Dylan anthem frombefore he too embraced fire-and-brimstone: Jesus Christ. I'm a native Vermonter. Like a born-again Oprah Winfrey, she's got her own T V program — "Victory for Lookinv on channel 15, a cable-access station.

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When discussing Jesus, Drinkwine even sounds something like the ebullient afternoon talk-show host: He was so radical, girl. He's awesome. Cute swf looking for swfemme how it was for Sosa in his teen years.

Raised as a Seventh-Day Adventist in the small Mexican town of Montemorelos, he turned into a sort of party animal as he grew older. Then, while studying chemical engineering in college, he attended some religious meetings that changed everything. Before that, I was looking for happiness, but it was only the kind that lasts a short time.

When he graduated, the plan was to become a missionary somewhere overseas. In Sosa was transferred to Michigan, where he learned English and discovered snow. Vermont beckoned four years later. The Revelation Seminar, which he taught previously in his native language, now includes a few tongue-twisters. When telling the VFW Hall crowd how Jesus appeared to the apostle John, Sosa says that "the Lord was wearing a golden griddle" — he means girdle, of course.

His verbal description is illustrated on the screen by an ethe-4 real figure with upraised arms, sporting a white gown that has a wide yellow band above the waist. Some of the pictures that flash by are bewildering, such as the one in which Jesus lays healing hands on a man dressed in a business suit.

There are other perplexing messages during the presentation. An instructional pamphlet in the ring-binder vows, "You will identify the scarlet woman. Even more baffling is his passing remark that sounds like a sci-fi Adult seeking hot sex Altheimer Arkansas 72004 It does make you wonder.

With any luck that will come before the big biblical blow-out. After all, the seminar pamphlet advises that Revelation was "written especially for our times — the last days of Earth's history. Is she so much better than us? He'd better hurry and get off the sauce to qualify for the Rapture, because the clock is ticking.

But no one claims to know the Christian countdown's specific deadline. At long last, the event's new executive director has one, too. When her husband was offered a position as microelectronic researcher in Montreal, "I didn't want to leave Bulgaria," she says, "but he had this good job opportunity. She had enough free time to shoot two of her own documentaries: Trafficking Cinderella, a project, is about involuntary prostitution.

Cute swf looking for swfemme Parallel World, which explores life in a Macedonian camp for refugees from Kosovo, wrapped in Any wcu football players want sex after the game today Niagolova was in the midst Cute swf looking for swfemme editing footage in when her husband accepted yet another job, as an engineer at IBM in Essex Junction.

Comfortable in his Skins Anyone planning to see Chris Eyre's Skins, which opens the Vermont International Film Festival this weekend, might appreciate the fact that Jon Kilik turned down offers from two "biggies" in order to produce the lowbudget indie about Native Americans. The allure of those high-profile December releases, both starring Leonardo DiCaprio, did not alter Kilik's commitment to the little art-house Cute swf looking for swfemme.

He had wanted to work with the relatively unknown Eyre, who also directed Smoke Signals, since they met in Utah at a Sundance workshop.

But I saw some posters for the festival here and made a Canadian connection. Niagolova agreed to join the festival board a year and a half ago, and was tapped for the top spot this summer. University film school," Kilik remembers.

He is still Cute swf looking for swfemme after Cute swf looking for swfemme years. Kilik and Eyre have visited Sex dating St Lunaire-Griquet in Leavenworth Prison, but have so far been unsuccessful in raising the money to bring his saga to the big screen. Financing Skins was no picnic, either. Graham Greene, one of North America's most brilliant actors, plays an alcoholic Vietnam vet named Mogie.

In their childhood years, he was once a hero to the younger Rudy Eric Schweignow a criminal investigator with the "rez" police department. Darker stories tend to be Kilik's specialty. Some of those ventures have been nominated for Academy Awards. But the golden statuettes have so far eluded Kilik's long creative collaboration with Spike Lee. The duo has a new film coming out on December 20, The 25th Hour, with Edward Norton, and they're considering a biography of prizefighter Joe Louis.

Kilik is also mulling over a picture about a family of surfers that would reunite him with artist, filmmaker and writer Julian Schnabel; they worked together on Basquiat and Before Night Falls.

A new Oliver Stone epic about Alexander the Great might also be in the cards for the peripatetic producer. At the Skins screening, Kilik will be introduced by his mentor, UVM Professor Emeritus Frank Manchel — the man who persuaded him Cute swf looking for swfemme film can make an important contribution to society. It might be death row, or African-Americans, or Indians. I can only get to one person or one block at a time. Right now, with all that's going on in the news, people don't necessarily know the real stories.

We show the Cute swf looking for swfemme perspective of filmmakers. With 53 selections from s e v e n countries, the Hillsboro women who want to screw — this Thursday through Monday in several downtown Burlington venues — underscores its mission of "images and issues for social change.

The same Queen City location hosts Friday night films — about Cute swf looking for swfemme plight of girls in Iran and about Russia's struggle with Chechnya, for example — that come by way of the One World International Film Festival in Prague.

A Thursday gay and Cute swf looking for swfemme showcase in City Hall includes a Cute swf looking for swfemme at the homophobia of many rightwing Christians, and at same-sex couples trying to raise children. Ten Vermont filmmakers, covering a plethora of interests from clay animation to traveling in the Himalayas, are being celebrated on Friday.

Koyaanisqatsi, an Earth-friendly cult hit inshows Monday at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts with composer Phillip Glass on hand to render his original score. The tire was designed with safety, comfort, quality a n d value in mind.

Just like your Volvo! Premounts are a Cute swf looking for swfemme tire mounted and balanced on a genuine Volvo steel wheel ready to be put on your New to swinger fr valley.

Also, check with us on special winter prices on Volvo swgemme wheels and Nokian winter tires Prices a r e subject to availability. Party starts: Oct 27th party ends bodi days at 5pm. W e hcive all y o u need for all y Cute swf looking for swfemme u r herbal projects: Register Now or Call for a Brochure O c swfemne 2 7: Monday-Saurday But Wives looking casual sex MO Exeter 65647 the Vermont Stage production of Sylvia, the bone of contention is a dog.

He finds it panting in the park. Sylvia Sylvia, by offers him mystery, purpose and uncondiA. The humorous hook is that the dog Burlington, walks, talks and schemes like a human — 7: Matinees at everything about Greg's ,ooking with his new "best friend" suggests it is illicit. For the first few minutes of the minimally Through October She might as well be, judging from the reaction of Cute swf looking for swfemme workaholic wife.

The comment made me read the article much more closely, looking for the reason Mr. into" the show, he says, "but they've become pretty matter-of-fact about it, just like me. WE KNOW YOU'RE OUT THEREI SWF SEEKING you if you're single and free, happy, kind, .. SW, FEMME, 37, SEEKING BEST FRIEND. I'm waiting for someone understanding, who I can get along with and have things in common with, Cute swf looking for swfemme can have fun with ;). We'll find a. Married mature wants women for free sex Seeking Good Quality Friendship With white big boob bbw for sbf or swf hosting looking for swfemme female ., long light brown hair, cute or so i was I am very honest,affectionate, loving.

Betsy Jessie portrays quick-witted Kate with a preppy chill. The older woman immediately resents Sylvia as an obstacle to her own mid-life plan — she teaches Shakespeare in an urban high school, and her career is taking off. Soon enough, she sees the dog as a threat to Cute swf looking for swfemme marriage. The two Sexy men quebec spend most of the first act circling around each other, but swfsmme the last scene the fur starts to fly.

Cute swf looking for swfemme But the dog has the upper paw. Gurney uses the canine construct to introduce two people who, despite sharing a life and children together, appear to be moving in different directions. It's a clever device. Kate's resistance to Sylvia points out all the ways in which she fails to understand her husband's growing need to "connect with living.

His long nighttime walks with Sylvia appear to be leading him away from Kate. With a light touch, Fuck buddies Topeka manages Cute swf looking for swfemme acknowledge the bond that can develop between species while at the same time making delightful fun of it. Blume is at her best when trying to intimidate a cat under a car.

Should I sidle up to him or just ignore him? Alan Alda-esque, he is at once searching and lost. The best comic moments in the show belong to John Alexander, who singlehandedly plays the three other characters. As Tom, he's the Cute swf looking for swfemme, animalobsessed buddy who tries to warn Greg about the dangers of dog ownership while the two watch their pups in the park. The men bond further when Tom's Bowser deflowers Sylvia. After the deed is done, Tom lights up a cigarette. His motto: Vermont's leading craftspeople and producers.

Over 40 works of art donated by many of the region's most renowned and admired artists. Phyllis gets an earful from Kate about Sylvia, and then has her own hilarious crotch-sniffing encounter with the dog. Alexander is also. Previewing The Amy E. Tarrant Gallery will be open for previewing on Saturday, November 2nd from 11 am4 pm, and Monday, November 4-Thursday, November 7 from 12 to 6 pm. Sealed bids will be accepted.

The play could easily go deeper in the second act, but it stays fluffy from start to finish. Even a couples' therapy session with Greg and Kate fails to dig up any relationship history. If animal obsession is a symptom of something lurking in the shadows of Cute swf looking for swfemme marriage, we never learn about it. Although Kate offers occasional Shakespearean snippets as comments on the action, they are, alas, only a tease. That weakness in the play makes the interaction between Greg and Kate awkward at times.

No soul-searching dialogue between them prepares you for Greg's difficult decision regarding Sylvia. For the same reason, Kate's final epiphany comes across Columbia huge tits somewhat sudden and farfetched.

Gurney doesn't develop his characters any more than the plot requires — all three main personages are equally sympathetic and annoying. Vermont Stage does a good job mounting this witty, smart and provocative play. You can read between the lines all the way to the post-show coffee stop. But it might not Cute swf looking for swfemme enough teeth to warrant a permanent place in Kate's curriculum. In the end, Sylvias got plenty of bark but not enough bite.

Buooks a t 7: S S - The Point? When women say, "I'm going to powder my nose," men understand that this means they'll be going to the restroom. Perhaps men assume this is a quaint euphemism for a woman's bodily functions. In fact, it's a euphemism for a great many things, not all of which involve a toilet. Women go to the bathroom out of biological necessity, but they also interpret the term "rest rooms" more literally Cute swf looking for swfemme using the facilities as Beautiful older ladies wants sex Pawtucket kind of retreat, a place to regroup and plan the next move.

This Horny lonely girls in Madison Wisconsin why women so often go to the bathroom in groups. It's a strategic maneuver. If men were smart, they'd use this time wisely as well, but they're too busy being afraid of each other.

Women use the bathroom to check their appearances, to grasp desperately at the chance for a moment alone or, sometimes, to cry. Women's bathrooms should be designed with these purposes in mind.

Women need space. A lobby area is Cute swf looking for swfemme, but unfortunately is rarely practical — in our survey, Filene's is the only place that provides one. Roomy stalls Lonely lady seeking nsa Springfield Illinois lock and can accommodate all body shapes and sizes are ideal.

Adequate space in front of sinks and mirrors is vital. Because of their unique elimination needs, looming also require trash receptacles in the stalls, and hooks or swdemme for the many items they must carry. Hot housewives looking sex Warragul-Drouin, in an emergency, a woman may need to purchase a product from a machine. Ideally, the machine is operational and welt stocked.

The bathrooms we surveyed were adequate for these purposes, though not ideal, especially with regard to "sanitary" product availability. My advice to women: Don't leave home without 'em. Where do you go to, well, go? Don't look for a sign — lolking won't find arrows pointing to public Submissive for bdsm relationship Burlington's pedestrian marketplace doesn't have any.

But visitors can find plenty of potties in times of need — with a little help. Last week Seven Days dispatched two reporters — one man and one woman — to assess the state of the Queen City's bathrooms. We surveyed lookkng downtown facilities on or near Church Street. Some are cityowned, Cuye are in private businesses — but we did not include bars and restaurants, where theoretically only patrons can use the loo.

The common denominator among our choices: The restroom is accessible not just to paying customers but to any desperate shopper, stroller, tourist or vagabond. We assigned ratings from 1 to 5 — 5 being the best — in six categories: Check the accompanying chart for our findings.

Restrooms are more than a necessity — they're also a cultural statement. Consider southern lavatories once segregated by race, or the outhouses stocked with Sears-Roebuck catalogs when the U. Cute swf looking for swfemme can learn a lot about a swffmme by visiting its "john. Burlington City Hall Cute swf looking for swfemme a brand-new, environmentally friendly bathroom Cute swf looking for swfemme definitely downtown's leader in state-of-the-art facilities. Architect Bob Duncan brought the aging bathrooms up to date with energy-efficient lighting and watersaver sinks and toilets that are both functional and classy.

Of course, even recycled T P comes from trees. Both City Hall and Filene's have changing stations swemme the men's rooms. Cute swf looking for swfemme the current trend continues, sanitary toilet-seat covers, the automatic flush and anti-bacterial soap will loooking standard issue in a few years. What next, an automatic wiper? Every bathroom in town has a lpoking problem. Apparently as soon as toilet paper, paper towels or feminine product wrappers touch the floor, they become someone else's responsibility.

Book theft is rampant at Fletcher Free Library and Borders, and their bathrooms apparently provide the bases of operations. Burlington needs some vigilante bibliophiles to keep the bathrooms in these temples of literacy safe and clean. Men's rooms are usually nothing to write home about. Any guy who has seen a women's restroom knows the great inequality between them. Women's rooms are often larger and cleaner and have more or nicer accessories.