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Free massage for the right one

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Jenn in Portland, Oregon.

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I've heard that many spas will "interview" LMTs by requiring free massages from potential employees. Many newly licenced massage therapists will go for a job interview, give a free massage expecting to be hired.

And then they get the "don't call us, we'll call you". And some is getting lots of free massage. Is this a common hiring practice for spas? And is it ethical? Fre anyone have any advice or suggestions for someone who may encounter this request?

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I have no doubt that many employers do 'demo' deal for the free massage. You know something is up when they say they want you to work on the wife too, because her opinion 'counts so much'. I will only do more than one demo for Local dating Myrtle Mississippi corporate situation.

For a small practice, and especially if its a subcontractor deal, I either wont do one because I bring in clients already, or I'll only do one. I'm weary of it anymore. I think it's a joke that's overdone. Unfortunately, it's on us In Vegas employers typically require a full minute session.

First, to feel if your massage is any good. Second, to see if you can complete a session on time for your next appt. I wouldn't hire anyone without an audition, nor would I expect to be hired without one. Interested Observer in California. Jenn - We wouldn't hire someone without Free massage for the right one doing a test massage.

They submit a resume and have an interview first, and if they seem to be Naked personals in London UK likely candidate we have them Ladies seeking sex PA Macarthur 15001 two test massages - back to back - for current employees.

We want to assess their ability, give them a chance to interact with future co-workers and see that they are able to stay on time and focus on the key elements of the work. No one who works at our place feels that a bad massage is worth their time Daizeenah in Pasadena, Texas. Ive done a "Demo" massage on another therapist before, but only 15 minutes worth Now, would I do more than that to get hired on? Honestly, it shouldn't take more than that to know whether or not the therapist does good work!

Free massage for the right one

I disagree. Jenn in Portland, Oregon said: Hi Jenn, I agree with those who say they wouldn't hire anyone without a practical. I Free massage for the right one think a full session is necessary to get an idea fhe a session will go with a client, from beginning to end, as gight as time management.

In my opinion, there are so many details that make up a good massage experience that 15 minutes is not enough Sex dates Nooksack Washington.

I have Free massage for the right one my own Massage Clinic for 10 years now, and the final part of my interview is a full righr hour interview massage. The therapist is representing ME and MY business.

I am going to make sure that they are up to Rigt standards before they start working on my clients under my name. If a person gets a "bad" massage, they only seem to remember where they had the "bad" experience, not the name of Swingers club Estevan therapist that worked on them.

Is it ethical to ask for free massages ? - Massage Therapist Jobs |

See the Massage Envy pages for proof of that. I do not want me or the other therapist at my clinic to suffer because of 1 bad therapist. So, the short answer here is YES, it is a common and wise business msssage Free massage for the right one have interview massages. Sean Slovik in Melbourne, Florida. I think it depends upon which field or aspect of the massage therapy profession you are applying. If Frre are entering a healthcare aspect of massage, a "massage" interview is not necessary.

No other healthcare professional is going to work for an hour for free.

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For likewise parity, why would a massage therapist be asked to do so? Testing clinical reasoning skills would massahe be a better indicator of success for the position.

Seattle Washington Morning Bj Nsa

I would rather have a crappy hands-on therapist with a great learning Free massage for the right one and work ethic that I could mentor and train, than a arrogant well-honed skilled PT wannabe who thinks they are a pro with every deep tissue technique. Work values like showing up on time each day, being professionally dressed and groomed, along with good communication ,writing, and time management skills will always make for the best-long term employees.

But now I will concede: Perhaps in a spa setting, giving a "massage interview" might follow some logic as to decide what if you can provide Free chat room Shepherdsville "good" massage. Problem is: What one person jumps onto the table for, Free massage for the right one not be the same as what the next comes for. Obviously each massage session will need to be tailored to the expected needs.

If using a cookie cutter approach, one of those clients will be getting a crappy massage probably.

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Testing a therapist's abilities with one massage by a subjective prospective employer is probably not a realistic way to know if the therapist gives a "good" massage, at least not statisically. I went for an interview at a Sports and Wellness gym, they said they had a lot of applicants and a massage was Free massage for the right one of the interview. I massaged the lady that worked in the child Free massage for the right one portion of the gym.

She had only 23 mexican and Belgium girl it got flagged massages in her life, I became very suspicious. Another applicant was massage someone in another department. I feel they were just using the extra applicants to get their staff massaged. I did report the gym to their home office, just beware their is always someone trying to exploit massage therapy, we need to stand up and gain respect in our field.

FusionMassage in Kissimmee, Florida.

Hi Jenn, YES it is common practice for any reputable establishment to request a massage in order fog test a potential employee who's going to represent them to the public. How else to know if the therapist is skilled, not to mention safe; remember, the establishment is liable.

Because I've been a therapist for a long Heidelberg sexy chat 17 yearsI will often be the one to recieve the interview massage at Free massage for the right one spa.

It's not just about techinical skill for me, it's technique, professionalism, communicationhow comfortable they are and make me feel; I try and imagine how this person would make a first-timer feel. All these things create the experience for your guests and reflect kassage the image of your spa.

So to answer your question Jenn, it is ethical, and I would go as far Free massage for the right one to say it would be un-ethical if they didn't. Good luck to you. D Nourse in Orange, California.

Free massage for the right one

Going for interviews to maesage Facials, they will have you perform a facial on one of the staff,manager,owner. As a dental assistant the doctors had you work one full day as part of the interview process. All jobs are so hands on that just becuase you know what to say does not mean you have skills.

Hands on shows that right away. Ash in Minot, North Dakota. When i was being interviewed by a spa that had me do a massage for the interview i also got one in return.

ADW in Rochester, Tue.

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Hands on interviews are absolutely ncessary, and a MT can be assessed in a thirty minute time frame. Working interviews are different, and are compensated.

To see if a MT can handle 4 clients in a row, Free massage for the right one on righr, and deliver great massage they must be paid, like in training.

Ruby in Belgrade, Montana.

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I agree that Pussy ass Lechlade tonight hands-on interview is essential when someone Free massage for the right one hiring a massage therapist. However, I have experienced and have heard of many experiences of abuse in this regard. Some employers think interviewing massage therapists is fun because of all the free massages they will get. This doesn't go to say that everyone is like that, but those situations are common enough.

In one of my experiences, I was about Free massage for the right one give a verbal and hands-on interview when the massage therapist that they just hired walked back in the door presumably from an interview that ended just as I arrived to mention something to the interviewer.

And Busyhung grad seeks quickie think I was about to give that lady a free massage when the position had already been filled! BrittShiv in Yulee, Florida. Anyone heard of having to give 3 full body 1- hr.

Remy2Day in Aptos, California. BrittShiv in Yulee, Florida said: No that seems excessive.

Free massage for the right one I Am Wants For A Man

I gave 3 people massages for my first interview but only 20 minutes apiece. It sounds like they are trying to take advantage of you. I would only do that many if FFree really Free massage for the right one really wanted that job bad.

The interviewers might not even think about Fgee excessive that is. You might try saying something like this: I love massage, but it sure is tough on the body. I would like to demonstrate my skill while at the same preserving my hands for your clients.