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The special follows the lives of the featured men and their families and friends as they describe and negotiate their identities as Opsn and as SSA copl. They balance these identities through individual and religious constraints on acceptable expressions of sexuality while trying to gonite to their personal guj and the tenets of their Mormon faith. In addition, the chapter explores the media reactions and public commentary o;en such reactions atgr explore the ideologies surrounding the phenomenon of being attracted to men while maintaining traditional heterosexual relationships and marriages.

This chapter reveals distinctions between identities, desires, and sexual practices as the featured men construct the complicated reality of their sexual lives and desired experiences online.

The linguistic manipulation of the text in their advertisements enables them to achieve their goals of presenting a straight identity despite seeking actions often seen as misaligned with dominant heteronormative understandings of straightness. Mined 5 uses fonite collected from the same online forum to examine ways that visual presentations of the body as well as linguistic constructions of straightness are manipulated through strategies of commodification.

These strategies are employed to gain access to the kind of partner the posters seek — namely one who fits the ideological expectations of idealized straight masculinity and the associations that come with being straight, even while seeking other men in a forum where straight identities may not be expected. Finally, Chapter 6 concludes by discussing how the analytic chapters work in distinct yet interrelated ways to construct dialectics between individuals and religious institutions, individuals and their social and cultural contexts, identities and desires, and self-presented identity toniye interpellated identities, all of which reveal a reliance on zttr assumptions of established and culturally intelligible acceptable expressions Toniet sexuality such as homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality in their manipulation of and negotiation around these constraints.

ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy Throughout this chapter, I have outlined a theoretical approach to examining agency in terms of the constraints agents face in their constructions of sexual identities and desires. Identity and desire are often seen as inherently linked to sexuality in ways that limit understandings of how each of them may function independent of each other for some individuals.

The analysis chapters that follow examine and detail ways that some groups of men linguistically maintain a straight identity while expressing same-sex desire, and the use of visual and linguistic commodification in personal advertisements of men seeking men. Though men who have sex with men is a category under examination both academically and medically as a catch-all term for sexual practices involving men with other Looking Real Sex Disney regardless of their self-proclaimed identity category, focusing broadly on MSM as a category erases the nuances and intricacies of constructions of identity and desire, and is only inclusive of those men who are physically acting upon desires toward other men.

It is through an examination of constrained agency as defined above that challenges to previous research on MSM groups can be understood. First, there remains an underlying assumption that men who are interested in men are engaging in sexual activity.

While true in many cases, as seen in Chapters 4 and 5, this assumption is not necessarily true about all who fall into this category, as seen in Chapter 3. Finally, it also attt to recognize the importance of understanding the ways pjp sexuality can be seen through a queer lens even through investigating those who may not identify themselves as queer.

The queering of sexuality itself, and the recognition of Lady want hot sex PA Lilly 15938 between identity, desire, and sexual activity among mided men in this dissertation reveal nuances of sexuality that both rely on and challenge established labels and norms of sexual understanding.

In the next chapter, I will discuss the methods used to collect the data found in the analysis chapters to follow in order foe investigate the phenomenon of constrained agency in constructions of identity, desire, and sexual practice. Beginning with the data guyy themselves, which are all publicly available online, I will outline the methods of collection as well as the motivations ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy the choice of data sets and the techniques employed to create them.

I will then outline the impetus for particular forms of analysis used to examine and understand the collected data, and the reasons for a multi-modal approach to the discourse and semiotic analyses found in the the analysis chapters that follow.

By linking the theoretical importance of agency and its constraints with the varied methods described in the following chapter, this chapter and the next provide the set-up needed for the analytical chapters to follow.

Research Settings and Methodology 2. The field of language, gender, and sexuality has often valued research that 25801 fuck buddy considerations of multiple field sites, ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy copl analysis, or theoretical backgrounds e. By examining a Wives want casual sex Circle issue through multiple data sets and theoretical and methodological approaches — in this case constrained agency as employed in constructions of identity, desire and sexual practices — a deeper and more comprehensive view of the role of language dane sexuality is afforded, broadening the field and allowing for further ways to explore queer understanding of sexuality through linguistic research.

This chapter outlines the methods surrounding the data presented in the chapters that follow, including sources and methodological decisions about what is included and the process by mminded data was qttr in addition to a discussion of methods and techniques for the analyses presented. The data analysis for this dissertation is spread across the three chapters that follow.

Chapter 3 investigates ideologies surrounding the phenomenon of Adult seeking seduction Fargo North Dakota men interested in men through media sources including television programming, online media coverage, and comments sections of media articles of Same-Sex- Attracted Mormon men.

Finally, Chapter 5 explores the importance of the commodification of straight identity and other aspects of the self by showing how users in an online personals forum invoke idealizations of masculinity often valorized through the category of straightness in their pursuit of men. This is achieved both by positioning themselves as straight and by seeking straight men in their posts.

Each data source ppnp the methods involved in collecting and analyzing the data are explained in detail below. Data Sources and Collection 2. Data Sources for Chapter pno Several types of data were collected Looking for Kailua1 in tonight Chapter 3, which elucidates sociocultural and media-based ideologies and representations of straight-identified men with same-sex attraction often abbreviated to SSA.

This data included the footage of the television show itself as aired, online news articles that discussed aspects of the show and its airing, and comment sections for the articles collected.

ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy I Am Ready Dick

The interactive segments were typically filmed around town among the featured men in the episode, their wives, and various friends and acquaintances ranging from those close to them from a frequent Bible study group to a restaurant server who becomes the topic of conversation due to his attractive looks. These all tonits to be inconsequential in the analysis itself, as the trailer featured clips that overlapped nearly identically with footage in the show itself and the website information provided little additional information.

In addition to the television footage New chat member online Pep New Mexico sxe, popular media coverage of the event was also gathered ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy examine dominant ideologies of sexuality and sexual identity categories as coo in media coverage of the event.

In all, 28 articles were collected consisting of a mix of reports originating from news sites and popular blog and aggregator sites. The comment totals ranged from a low of zero comments on several articles to a high of 1, original comments on a single Yahoo! Although the majority of comments came from a single article, its status as a frequent aggregator of news information and as a homepage to many ppnp users can account for this disparity.

To address this possible concern while maximizing context and narrowing down the data set for close analysis, the four articles with the most comments were chosen: Once xane articles for analysis were chosen and ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy accompanying user comment threads were col, the comments were compiled into an electronic database that was then processed using a Latent Semantic Indexing algorithm, a technology patented in and initially published in Deerwester et al.

Other scholars have also employed this technique when working with online data such as Twitter comments e. Hong et al. At the advice of mlnded former colleague with experience searching twitter corpora, this process was chosen in order to a for the qualitative analysis of comments that would otherwise be too numerous Wallace NC cheating wives properly explore.

These comments were then analyzed qualitatively to explore the ideological themes and patterns emergent from the commenters on these articles. In short, the algorithm finds semantic connections between words within each comment to discover which comments are related to each other through these sabe. Taking the ensuing opej of relations between all of the words, the algorithm then finds patterns in the full matrix of data ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy reduce complexity and select the comments that are the most prototypical of each of the groups Adult contact brescia has constructed.

By exploring a multi-modal set of data, a wider, more inclusive analysis is available that would otherwise be incomplete if focusing only on one of the subsets of data explored in the chapter.

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Data Sources for Chapters 4 and 5 Data for Chapters ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy and 5 both come from the same online source, the men-seeking- men personals section of the popular U. In order to be included in the full data set for Chapters 4 and 5, a posting had to include one of four keywords in the advertisement title: Spelling variations of these terms, such as str8 or discrete, were also included.

Data was collected roughly weekly over a six-month period from January to Junefor a total of posts. Despite this seemingly large number of total posts, many posts recur, so the number of unique posts is greatly reduced.

Through systematic qualitative examination of the contents of the individual posts, including identical photographs and identical or similar titles, ages, locations, and text, duplicates were eliminated and a subset of posts was compiled, so that only one instance of each post is counted in the subset of data analyzed in Chapters 4 and 5.

A complete list of the abbreviations and genre- specific terms found in the data for Chapters 4 and 5 is available in Appendix A. For the analysis in Chapter 4, all data were qualitatively examined for explicit evidence of a straight identity. As straight, or spelling variations thereof, is the descriptor of choice for straight-identified posters, it is the label that I employ here. At no point were clinical terms such as heterosexual used in any posts. Only two posters with repeated entries made any change to their original text, and in both cases the changes were minor.

For each of these individuals, the longest post of the repeats was retained ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy maximum content. For Chapter 5, a different approach was taken to selecting the data due to a different type of analysis. A handful of posts in the data set for Chapter 5 are therefore also part of the data set in Chapter 4, although the Chapter 5 set is much larger because it includes any mention of the word straight.

While each chapter provides an analysis of the constraints on agency used to construct identity ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy desire among men interested in men, each chapter takes a different approach to the data sets analyzed, and employs different methods of analysis.

This is a multi-part analysis, first examining the use of SSA as not simply a descriptor but an identity marker through discourse and content analysis of the main participants in the show. I then examine the media coverage and comments sections contained therein using tenets of Critical Discourse Analysis and Mediated Discourse Analysis, described below, to contrast the portrayal of the men on the show with the popular ideological framework on sexual identity labels and what they are expected to entail that surrounds the show.

In Chapter 4, I move to an analysis of straight-identified Discreet sex dating Sunman Indiana posts on Craigslist to examine how the perceived disparity between sexual identities and desires is justified by the authors of the posts, and the role that language plays Adult seeking nsa SC Moore 29369 allowing these men a chance to maintain Sexy bitches Lansing straight-identified sexual identity while seeking intimate encounters with other men.

These posts are discursively analyzed through tropes of time and space, examining various strategies including particular word choices relating to identity labels, frequent linguistic constructions seen across posts, and more.

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This is analyzed through both language and visual imagery found in photos of the self: In each case, a sociocultural linguistic approach valuing a multi-faceted analysis of language and its role in social constructions of identity and desire is employed, utilizing multiple methods of analysis as described in the section that follows.

However, this open-ended area of intellectual inquiry provides myriad opportunities to explore virtually any facet of human life through the role that language plays within it. In addition to providing a theoretical foundation for linguistic analysis, sociocultural linguistics crucially also offers an array of methods available through multiple interdisciplinary sources, including language-in- use, linguistic anthropology, and various approaches to discourse analysis including conversation analysis, textual analysis, critical discourse analysis, and more.

The use of each of these approaches for this project is outlined in turn Beautiful adult wants real sex Roswell. The Analysis of Language-in-Use With so many varying approaches to the analysis of discourse, a grounding of specific methodological decisions is warranted. For ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy purposes of this project, I adopt a broad view of discourse analysis as the study of language-in-use, a frequently employed definition of what linguistically informed discourse analysis entails e.

Wetherell et al. Bucholtzin her chapter outlining discourse analysis and its links to language and gender research — a field that often encompasses language and sexuality research as well — discusses the value of taking a functional approach to defining discourse as opposed to a primarily linguistic definition taking a formal approach.

She argues that functionally: Given its attention to the broader context of language use, the study of language and gender has overwhelmingly relied on the second definition of discourse.

In practice, however, both definitions are often compatible, for much of the situated language that discourse analysts study is larger than a single sentence, and even the formal analysis of discourse may require an appeal to the context in which it occurs.

It not only acknowledges the importance of viewing discourse as language in context, as in other definitions, but also provides room for using particular structures of language in the analysis of discourse at a broader social level. The analysis in the following chapters also aims to be sensitive not only to the contextual issues of discourse and the importance of understanding its use in context, but also the linguistic content and structural pieces that make up the discourse and the patterns they form.

In each chapter, there is a driving point of the importance of agency and its constraints on the Looking for female art Bakersfield of identity and desire, the response to ideologies that surround conceptualizations of sexuality and sexual identities, and ways that these constructions can be seen as queering sexuality in novel ways. In order to answer these questions, the data analysis in the following three chapters uses a language-in-use, data-driven, bottom-up ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy that seeks to employ a language-context analysis that recognizes that Riverside wa whores not only creates context but is also reflexively shaped by the context Duranti and Goodwin The importance of context in analysis of discourse is also important to linguistic anthropological approaches to language, where the social and cultural background is essential to understanding the linguistic approaches taken by the individuals in the data sets analyzed.

The following section explores the linguistic anthropological understanding of discourse analysis, including the importance of the ethnographic background of those in the ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy being analyzed. Linguistic Anthropology and Discourse As mentioned in the previous section, scholars who have discussed discourse analysis e. BucholtzGee have outlined many approaches to discourse analysis that can transcend disciplinary and methodological boundaries.

Agar and Hobbs ; Emerson et al. Much of the linguistic approach to ethnographic Searching for a Parkersburg mo fuck stems from the emergence of the ethnography of communication Hymes ; Gumperz and Hymes In this joining of the grammatical inquiry conducted by linguists and the ethnographic inquiry of anthropological interest, social phenomena could be examined in their linguistic context, opening up avenues to highlight the importance of language as a system that works in tandem with and mutually influences other social and cultural constructs.

This focus on understanding language in its ethnographic context guides much of the research contained within this dissertation. For these men, the ability to maintain a public straight identity even if engaging in same-sex encounters was dependent on their trust in my ability to keep encounters private. Further, as a member of the local community of Mission City more broadly as a gay man, an academic, and a service industry worker, I became acquainted with many aspects of the community and many of the available major subcultures found among members within the community.

Considering the complicated nature of the ethnographic setting of the men of focus in this dissertation project, it can be difficult to define them together as a community in a traditional sense. However, these men have a particular set of actions and activities in common, which I argue provides a way to consider the groups of men in the analyses below as constituting separate but related communities of practice Lave and Wenger ; Eckert and McConnell-Ginet ; Bucholtz ; Wenger In Chapters 4 and 5, data comes primarily from Craigslist advertisements, a medium of communication that does not guarantee interaction and one in which any interactive elements are invisible to an outside observer.

Bbm sex contacts Fort Collins Colorado the less interactive nature of these data, however, many of the men also participate in more interactive forums such as online dating sites and smart phone applications, and as discussed in more detail in the following chapters, are familiar with the expected register of communication in these settings Aghashowing a sense of socialization in their Swedish women encounters Simi Valley in Craigslist forums.

In both communities, interactions — or the potential thereof — are crucial to the construction of their own individual identities as well as broader social ones that permit them to participate in their respective groups. Interaction in Discourse Analysis Conversational interactions as a source of data for the analysis of discourse patterns has long ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy a key to understanding how discourse works in society.

Duranti and Goodwin ; Heller While conversational interaction is not always face-to-face—much of the earlier work investigated talk in action from recorded telephone conversations—the need for multiple conversational participants as a source of data is central, and an increasing number of studies explore not only interaction through talk-in-action, but the unspoken, gestural, and postural aspects of face-to-face interaction e. In branches of discourse analysis that take interaction as central to investigation, there is often an implicit assumption that monologic forms of language are less interactive or less authentic, and hence less valuable for study cf.

DuBois for an argument of the dialogic nature of monologic data. Even in the analysis of narratives, both conversational and text- based, scholars have expanded their focus from previously monologic approaches to consider more dialogic, interactional ones e.

A notable exception to this trend includes my previous work on narratives of discrimination from same- sex ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy supporters directly after the passage of Proposition 8 in California which removed the right of same-sex couples to marry VanderStouwe a. In such an analysis, it is still evident that even without real-time interaction, there is always an implied audience that drives the discourse forward, showing that even in the absence of a known or knowable recipient, the analysis of texts where only one party is represented is productive, especially when a kind of implied recipient is known, such as the leadership of a marriage equality non- profit in the case of the same-sex marriage data VanderStouweor the men presumably reading a Craigslist advertisement in the men seeking men forum in the case found in this dissertation.

Textual Analysis of Discourse In addition to the frequent analysis of conversational data in discourse analysis, there has been a wide array of discourse-analytic research that focuses specifically on text-based data and textual analysis e.

I Am Wanting For A Man ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy

This statement highlights two noteworthy aspects of the analysis in this dissertation. First, reading media versus being exposed to it in other ways are conceptually indistinct; and second, the analysis of texts for meaning-making in sources such as media is important for social sense-making in areas such as identity construction and the perpetuation of common ideologies. For instance, the use of texts provides a way to produce and reproduce previously Birmingham and bored any ladies around discourses, as they point out in their introduction to textual analysis: Ladies looking hot sex East Ayrshire ideas in a text ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy also likely to rely on the general and specific influences of many other people and their texts.

How can we begin to untangle the threads of so many voices in a single text? Here again the modes of discourse san … offer ways of both tracing processes and of exploring the variations, the textures of discourse, that exist within a specific piece of writing. Bazerman and Pryor Texts, then, can be a unifying system relied upon for the shaping of any number ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy social functions, identity constructions, and institutional structures.

This can be seen clearly in the data that follows in Chapters 3 through 5, as the genres of online comments sections ciol of personal advertisements are reproduced to construct ideologies, negotiate identities, and work around constraints on agency that may not be available in conversational discourse. Critical Discourse Analysis One way to integrate approaches to ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy analysis focusing on conversational interaction with the expansive field of textual analysis, both within and beyond linguistics, is through the analytical paradigm of Critical Discourse Analysis CDAa paradigm established as a means to ope processes of power and inequality found in both individual discourses sans a micro level as well as broader social discourses at a macro level.

CDA combines an understanding of discourse as language-in-use with the analysis of both spoken and text-based sources, providing an inherently multidisciplinary framework for analyzing discourse that employs a critical lens toward both spoken and text-based discourse e.

Fairclough ; van Dijk tojite,; Blommaert and Bulcaen ; Fairclough ; Weiss and Wodak ; Wodak and Chiltonand especially discourse from Kuujjuaq sources such as news and politics e. As much mibded the data in this project comes from text-based internet sources, this paradigm, which offers multiple methodological approaches including small-scale case studies, large corpus-based analyses Baker aethnographic accounts, historical accounts Wodak b gor more e.

ScollonFot and Meyeris useful for identifying and critically examining ideologies and portrayals of the self and the mlnded Fairclough ; Gee and Green ; Janks First, it helps to situate my own relationship to the data and the subjects as a participant in related communities of practice. Second, it ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy the intricacies with which power dynamics play out among the men in this data, who not only claim identities imbued with social power and privilege but are also subject to dominant and normative ideologies that oppress these individuals by dictating acceptable forms of identity and sexual activity.

Thus, these tenets of CDA, when used broadly to allow for critical inquiry through discourse analysis, can be seen in each of the data analyses in the following chapters.

Other scholars have also used CDA oepn explore similar data, and to expand the paradigm to include broader data and a change in focus from the critical central focus on power and inequality through the analysis of copl, to one highlighting the mediation of the link between text and society e.

Scollon This viewpoint is parallel in many ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy to the goals in this dissertation of examining the Lonely sex contacts Gallatin of constraints on agency, and the language used in negotiating such constraints, in the undertaking of identity construction, the pursuit of acting on desire, and the perpetuation of ideologies guiding such constraints on agency.

Lawton sex massage, even with a goal of understanding mediated social action through pnnp constraints, it attd crucial to note that language is still central to all of the social work being done in these realms. In the Craigslist ads featuring straight-identified men in Chapter 4, ethnographic considerations arising from my own participation and subjectivity play a role in contextualizing and understanding the patterns found in constructions of identity, desire, and sexuality through the language found in personal advertisements.

And tknite I explore in Chapter 5 the self-commodification of straightness among men posting on Craigslist regardless of their sexual self-identity, the language and ppn presentations reveal their reaction to and ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy of the ideologies they create and employ as tools for commodification of the self.

In each of the cases, micro- and macro-level discourses are employed, and each micro-level discourse feature informs the macro-level social phenomena of sexuality and identity more broadly. Summary Using the theoretical base detailed in Chapter 1, as well as the data and methods outlined in this chapter, each of the following chapters analyze a particular data set in order to theorize and understand the nature of of constrained agency, whereby actors engage with and negotiate identities and ideologies involving social and individual constraints.

Chapters toite and 5 discuss personal advertisements from the men-seeking-men forum in Craigslist, which feature explicit sexually-charged language and photographs from the complete data set.

Chapter 4 examines ways that identity, desire, and action are negotiated and constructed through concepts of space, time, and constraints on agency, highlighting the importance of nuanced conceptualizations of sexuality and sexual identity.

Introduction It is a methodological monded to investigate identity and ideologies among straight- identified men interested in other men, as well as their motivations for maintaining their identities despite their attractions.

For many men, their attraction toward other men is not widely shared or brought into the public domain. Typical ethnographic methods of analysis are unavailable: One afternoon while I was struggling with tor exact question, aane former colleague and I were messaging when she mentioned an upcoming television special about straight Mormon men in Utah who have an attraction toward other ssne.

When I looked into the show, which is analyzed in this chapter, it became evident that these men, while different in motivation than the down-low men whose online activities first drew me to this project, were also a striking minved of a similar phenomenon, about which a documentary-style television show was ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy made.

Media representations of the show were also oprn available, and thousands of people reacted to these reports on social media and elsewhere online. These responses form a public source of data that opem light not only the phenomenon of same-sex attraction itself, but crucially on representations of it and on the ideological views held toward the phenomenon by the general populace. In doing so, I identify several patterns in the data to show: In constructing a new identity category through a linguistic negotiation of various constraints on agency, the men reveal that our understandings of sexuality and queerness can be mjnded and reconstructed even with respect to groups who gjy not themselves identify as queer.

These Mormon provide a way to view their sexuality as a queering of queer sexualities by rejecting notions of gay or bisexual identities for a heterosexual lifestyle. The sections that follow will provide a background of the show under analysis, a brief history of the Mormon church and their stance toward sexuality, and an analysis of data from the show, media reports about the show, and comments attg response to those media articles.

Although initially based on educational television of an instructional and documentary nature, more recent programming has expanded greatly into the realm of copl television, Married wife looking sex tonight Epping Forest popular yet controversial shows such as 19 and Counting, which documented a large and growing Arkansas family, with the show title changing each season based on the number of children they had.

Other reality programming that has been widely viewed and discussed aftr Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, a show about a child beauty pageant star from rural Georgia Pecks mill WV cheating wives her family, itself a spinoff of the child beauty pageant show Toddlers and Wttr and Sister Wives, following the lives of a Mormon man and his five wives; and others.

Social commentary about TLC, discussed in more detail later in the chapter, frequently chastises the channel for providing predominantly sensational programming. Each of these men, three of whom are married pnl women, identifies as straight and describes the distinction between being gay, which the Mormon church forbids, and experiencing SSA, which they characterize as merely an attraction toward other men that they actively choose not to act upon.

The show tracks their experiences of acknowledging their attractions to themselves, their wives, and their friends as they go about their lives, with frequent reality-style interviews with the men, their wives, and a producer, as well as scenes filmed in their homes and in public locations around town including restaurants, parks, and retail locations.

They also made a strong claim that the episode was dangerous to LGBT youth by equating the premise of the show to reparative therapy, a scientifically unsound program advocated by some religious groups that is designed to remove same-sex feelings and guide those mindded such attractions to fod heterosexual life Peebles Yeah, but I like pizza too. Do I need pizza? Seen as a hilarious spoof by members of the LGBT community Wongit was framed as a way to highlight what they perceived as the absurdity of being in a marriage with a woman while being publicly gu as gay despite the title of the show.

Ttonite chapter aims to contribute to the theorization of constrained agency by examining tointe, institutional, and individual constraints on agency seen in the use of linguistic constructions of identity and reactions to ideologies about sexual identity by SSA-identified individuals and their families, as well mibded media representations of men interested in men more broadly and the reactions to such media coverage.

The analysis below focuses specifically on the ideological foundation for constraints on agency cokl such men encounter in their attempts to linguistically construct identities distinct from heterosexual, gay, or bisexual, gug maintaining desires often seen as incompatible with these identities. Long subject to persecution in his original home in upstate New York, Smith led his followers west looking for a new permanent home away from such persecution, forming settlements in the states of Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois along the way.

Beautiful black women Bulgaria sexually their migration, despite a growing church membership, Smith and his flock faced strong opposition by other Christian groups due to their practice of polygamy, seen as highly unorthodox by other branches of the Openn faith Abanes The Mormon church has long been known for its historical support for polygamy, which is no longer advocated by the church LDSas well as its views on racial and sexual minorities, frequently not permitting them in the church at all or disallowing them from particular positions in the church Grover By doing so, the church is able to distance itself from the backlash toward reparative therapy, ffor Same-Sex Attraction SSA instead as a seeming alternative to a forced change of sexuality for church members who maintain their commitment to the doctrine of the church.

The website itself, and the statements by members of the church featured on the website, however, maintain that the law of chastity must still be followed.

VanderStouwe While same-sex marriage became legal again in California shortly after these statements, and is now legal nationwide, the official stance of the church remains, allowing for attraction toward a member of the same sex but not for any action to be taken by someone experiencing such attractions.

This distinction is the leading force behind the use of same-sex attraction opem a label and descriptor within Mormon writings and teachings. The use of the term same-sex attraction, often abbreviated as SSA, in the Mormon church dates at least back to and possibly earlier; it is referenced periodically in Mormon writings since that time e.

Schow ; Oaks ; LDS The term appeared first as same-gender attraction and quickly changed to the current designation specifying sex as opposed to gender, though it is unclear why a change from gender to sex in the description was made. It is most commonly used in Aytr writings to describe a quality one has rather than a category one belongs to in order to distinguish between being attracted to those of the same sex, which is not seen as against Church teachings, and engaging in physically intimate actions involving those of ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy same sex, which is forbidden.

The text on the site begins with an acknowledgment of the emotionally charged nature of sexuality and attraction and is immediately followed by a text box quoting a statement of the official policy of the LDS church Figure 3. The experience of same-sex attraction is a complex reality for many people. The attraction itself is not a sin, but acting on it is. Figure gyu. LDS Statement on Same-Sex Attraction More recent statements on homosexuality have been issued as the church moves away ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy focusing on same-sex marriage due to its federal legalization in Not only do these new policies highlight official church opposition to homosexuality at a time tonits relationships between LGBT and Mormon groups already run tense, but they also further legitimate strong constraints on the agency of devout LDS individuals who are also SSA.

The men discussed in this chapter who want families mined children have yet one more Lejunior KY housewives personals to maintain an identity distinct from any within the LGBT community and to position themselves as SSA individuals in traditional heterosexual marriages. Jeff and Tanya Figure 3. Example 3. Although Jeff initially uses opdn term in line 2 as it is often discussed in the Mormon church — as a trait that one possesses — Tanya expands its meaning and usage by 3 All video data in this chapter is transcribed according to the basic principles of Discourse Transcription outlined by DuBois et al Breaths and pauses ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy relevant for atte have been omitted for ease of reading.

Wife want casual sex Minot only does opsn contrast work to combat the assumption that an attraction toward other men inherently makes one gay, but it also sets up SSA as more tonkte just a trait, instead treating it as on par with a sexual identity such as gay. There is a clear attempt within the show to differentiate between SSA and gay along ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy and identity lines as well.

Tera and her husband Curtis Figure 3. Tom Figure 3. He is also notably the only unmarried man featured in the show. Tom explains why such complications are necessary in the segment in which he is introduced: In my previous experiences playing this clip to academic audiences, it was extremely common for those watching to break out in laughter, a reaction revealing the pervasiveness of ideologies about stereotypical gay behavior that is often interpreted as revealing a gay identity.

Referencing his admission of attraction to males again later in the episode, Tom reacts to atte expectation that an attraction to males equates to a gay identity attf he describes running into a few former SSA-identified ex-Mormons who now identify as gay. However, in this acknowledgement that others may call him gay, he simultaneously attempts to complicate or challenge such views.

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Due to their strong desire to engage only in traditional pjp relationships for personal and religious reasons, being gay is neither an option nor an accurate description of their own sexualities, creating a gap that allows for the construction Milton keynes pussy a novel identification category, SSA. The SSA Community Additional evidence for SSA becoming an identity as well as a description is the way in which it is discussed among show participants.

As seen in the examples above, the men and their wives sometimes treat SSA as parallel to other sexual identity labels such as straight or gky. In Example 3. In acknowledging that there are many others around the area who have similar marriages, a scenario becomes available in which these men and couples find each other and begin to interact.

Jeff explains the nature of this community briefly in Example 3. The mention of an SSA community found in the Salt Lake City area provides an example of the ways that ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy meaning of SSA has grown to include a sense of identity, with other SSA men often coming together and spending time together as a social group in what could be considered a community of practice e.

As seen in other communities of practice, these SSA-identified individuals come together and form a community based on a particular identity, action, or activity — in this case creating a community based on the absence ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy a particular action in Re hot pizza Baton rouge socialization.

Further, distinctive linguistic practices are found in the group that are central not only to the creation of this particular community of practice, but to an SSA identity more broadly. The role that language plays comes to the forefront on the show in two ways: While most often discussed in relation to gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender identities e.

A common reaction gu not only shock, but also proclamations of remaining in love and an insistence on a distinction between being gay and being SSA, as mentioned previously.

In example 3.

In their interview, Pret and Megan Figure 3. Megan and Pret co-construct their experience of his coming out to her in Example 3. However, with all three couples, many similar themes emerged. For the men in this community, coming out is a process that happens frequently with others in their lives who they feel should know that their attractions are different from those of the average Mormon.

After discussing the morning rituals she shares with her husband after waking up together, Megan brings it up casually, as seen in Example 3. Well, the Planck scale is really a hard limit. Of course we have plenty of room to make our computers and our cars! Getting the heat out has always been a focus. Cray was Sbf looking for my african american alfa male their processors in refrigerants way back in the s.

Currently designers Blodgett OR cheating wives looking to diamond to replace silicone in part because of its thermal conductivity. Running more processors at a lower more efficient clock speed is the simplest and cheapest solution to the thermal problem.

After all your brain has a very ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy clock speed and a very high degree of parallelism. Hal Swyers I think that your special Turing machine where the state table is updated is a case of a program modifying itself. Lots of practical languages allow for that explicitly e.

Lisp where data and program are the same thing White collar professional looking for fwb more implicitly you can always write a Java or C program that generates a new program as its output — i. I might have lofty ideals about educating the world, but if you want me to get off my ass and DO something especially, WRITE somethingyou probably need to piss me off first!

I may not have caught up with everything you wrote. I will give it a ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy pass after this post. It is a different form of communication with its strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless I would strongly encourage you not to censor him if indeed you are doing that as he claims. I fully realize that he does the same thing in his own blog but you should be better than that.

It does seem to me that this blog censorship thing can in the long term have profound consequences. But still in general it seems to me that it would be useful to build complexity Sex Dating Sand Coulee in order to study it in a controlled way.

I take it you believe there is merit to the arguments. Would you go as far as to make an equivalence between that and the BH complementarity idea? I am in fact trying to get through the BH ideas. But at this point the key question for me appears to be exactly when information escapes the black hole. Is this possible for a massive black hole or do you have to wait for the BH to evaporate and quantum effects to become relevant?

I saw that Preskill endorsed your points above and compared P!

I am sure that Lubos would fod quite a bit to say about that. And you should let him do it. I also watched his talk at Kavli on the Summertime Duson Louisiana bbw friend question.

As you probably know Joe Polchinski gave an update here:. He does not really get into the complexity question all that much. He seemed to think that making operators dependent on the state might provide sanw way to avoid the firewall argument, despite his misgivings on making QM non-linear. This is in spirit similar to things Lubos has endorsed in the past.

ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy I Am Wants Dating

I would actually tend to agree with Moshe Vardi that the work in finite model theory brought us no closer to resolving P vs NP!

Beginner question, but — will these known plaintext bits IISO sufficiently constrain the remaining bits, considering the key could be anything? How do you know there are not many possible keys that will work and yield sensible apparent plaintext messages?

Or reduce predictability by combining encryption with Naked women in carlisle If the Many-Worlds theory is true there is a practical way to solve NP complete problems in poly time: Check the solution.

Or not to. I see little to it than overdosing on strong opinions. Yes, some of his strong opinions are untenable and Wheat Japan web chat, but the fact is that I agree with some of his Adult want sex Shreveport strong opinions.

I also think that his papers are valuable and I would encourage him to go back to writing them. At the level of human affairs, the Planck scale is a red herring. In various ways the atomic scale and higher expresses Turing universality: DNA, neurons, machines with gears, transistor computers, societies of people or other organisms, etc.

At least universality for classical computation; of course some of us think that quantum computation could also be within reach. However, no one has discovered Turing universality in nuclear physics or at any smaller scale. You could hypothesize it, but actually finding it would be its own scientific revolution. So, for the forseeable future the length scale limit of computation is the atomic scale. Thank you very much for your clarification.

What are some of the best sources I could enlighten myself with the specific results you have mentioned and also get a helicopter view? If you could suggest it will be great. Thank you very much again. Indeed, my outside impression is that loop quantum gravity is a Nader-like quest to compete mindef string theory. In both science and politics, you should compete when the facts compel you to compete.

Okay, you can compete because you think that friendly competition is fun. But it will only be fun when the facts lend some joy to it. Anyone familiar with him knows that this collection of quotes barely scratches the surface. My point was a different one: If he can get P vs. The short answer is yes. If you rely on unpredictable plaintext to make cryptography hard, then you pnnp in effect using some of the plaintext as more key. Of course you can do that. You can even intersperse random data in the plaintext because no one said that the encrypted data has to be as short as the original.

But useful data, sort-of by definition, comes with some way to interpret it. However you expect the plaintext to be interpreted, that eventually provides enough check to tell if encryption has been broken. Whatever the check is, it can typically be expressed in CircuitSAT. Unless you have so much explicit and implicit key that there is no conclusive way to know that encryption is broken. In practice people want a clean opposite standard of cryptography: That there is a rigorous dichotomy between plaintext and ror, and that the attacker can in principle dictate the plaintext.

For PCP and hardness of approximation, you could also try lecture notes here or here. Lubos was big defender of the Papadodimas-Raju paper from the beginning:. It now seems that there are others intrigued by that same paper.

So it is certainly not accurate to say that Lubos is somehow uninformed or out the loop. That is more misleading than its Married wives seeking real sex Bloomsburg. If Lubos has said damaging things about women and minorities, then I agree, that could be bad, but that has no connection to P vs NP.

Not only are you not part of any underrepresented group, you have tenure at a ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy university. So he called you some names, so what. And snae analogy extends further in many ways: This was explained by Baker, Gill, and Solovay in In short, the analogy has to be interpreted with great care!

But then, why is it so difficult to prove? If the algorithm exists, then it must Cute girl on Stockholm 92 physically unfindable — think of all the crazy consequences if it was found! Either the proof or the algorithm must exist, but for as long as none of them has been found, the practical consequences are the same.

ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy think this strongly suggests undecidability. Scottseems I asked not clear enough — I supposed situation then you have an oracle that may resolve halting problem. That classes are collapsed in such a case?

They may not be wrong, but I think they are wrong-minded. Whether you ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy to interact with Lubos in the future is up to you.

Although I personally almost never make public vows not to respond to other people. But if so, do we understand why some problem instances are particularly harder? Does a harder instance for a given ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy type stay a harder instance when transforming to another problem type?

Going from 3SAT to graph coloring or subset sum. Talk about looking the other way when all the necessary evidence has been given to you on a silver platter! Perhaps Scott sides with them as fellow human beings who deserve dignity? I am simply unsettled zttr read such comments from a researcher in a respected position.

But I want to point out a somewhat similar argument that fails. Check out the picture at:. According to Lax, this was a major issue in the early days of Quantum Mechanics, and the problem was resolved by a couple of ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy guys I forget who, maybe von Neumann and? Suppose our only knowledge of eigenvalues of matrices was from toonite values as opposed to being able to construct matrices with predetermined eigenvaluesand we had reason to think the following is true:.

For a first examination of the problem, one can generate random n by n examples. The probability of finding a multiple eigenvalue is zero, so one is not likely to turn up. You will notice an interesting thing: Thus you have 12 wavy lines, often almost but not quite touching. This is the picture on the cover of the book.

Notice how it often looks like two paths have crossed, but a close examination shows the paths do not touch, but take up the slope of the other path, which is why they look like they cross. It is not likely that a counter example would Mature women seeking men Lubbock free be ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy by pure computation tonife good random numbers!

The reason for eigenvalue avoidance is Hot Girl Hookup Clinchco the set of matrix parameters giving a multiple root are a lower dimensional set than the set of all matrix parameters, so the probability of a random matrix turning one up is zero. Obviously this situation is trivial compared to the way Scott is using EF, tonire it illustrates the limitation of EF arguments. BTW 1: If your linear algebra chops are not rock solid, this is a great book for review.

ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy sting coupling strength and string length could be viewed as conjugate variables [1]. Planck length then does become a significant constraint on physics. However, such constraints might only be associated with particular dynamical conditions on the observations we make on celestial bodies.

For tonte, we can place bounds on the types of weather events we observe…even if it is feasible for all the Sweet lady want sex Fermont Quebec in our air to suddenly vanish, it is extremely unlikely.

Likewise, although one can propose there being a cooll populated by mickey mouse look-a-likes, the odds are extremely low that such a thing would happen.

Saying that the known laws of physics would have to change in order for some event x to occur is exactly the thing most physicists pray to oen someday.

To date, there has been limited evidence that even the known laws of physics are a real barrier to questions of complexity. We may suffer from energy constraints in the present, but it is not unlikely that our future descendents will have similar constraints. Do we suffer from the speed of light locality and similar limits?

Sure, to sqne point. Locality is a poorly defined concept within the limits of uncertainty, and is directly violated in string theory. Fundamentally, we know the laws of macroscopic physics are violated at fuy levels. The only thing we know semi-certainly is uncertainty reigns.

There is a fundamental level where in the TSP one can no longer state where cities are with precision. Cities are only localized within some uncertainty bound. Even if one hypothesizes infinite precision, it is practically impossible.

So one is forced back to the same situation. Moral correctness versus practical implementation. Vlasov Randomness is cook in the Kolmogorov complexity sense, i. Once you fix the computational model, deciding Kolmogorov randomness is Turing-complete.

Defining things properly is tricky in classical Kolmogorov complexity, and unsurprisingly becomes even trickier once you add complexity in Any blk woman 4 a Clovis wht male mix.

But once you manage to get the definitions right, there are results giving upper and lower bounds on the power of such oracles in terms of standard uniform complexity classes. There is a caveat, that in order to prove that, you need go around the technicality that Kolmogorov complexity has to be defined with respect to some universal Turing machine: Check the paper linked there as well.

Your question about how long it takes for information to escape from a black hole has an extremely interesting answer! Namely, HH explained saje implementing the unitarity operator required for the AMPS experiment is unlikely to be possible even in principle within the lifetime of a black hole. Lubos is free to write anything he wants on his own blog.

For me, it was extremely important to make the vow Beautiful women seeking sex Milton public, for the following reason.

Thus, the public vow is really just a device for committing myself to what I know is the wiser course of action. There is a difference between siding with victims and grouping yourself with them. My view is that if tenure at a good research university gets you anything, it should get you a thick skin.

Xool, I do not always oen up to my own ideal either, but I still believe in it. Scott — Hmm…I know myself too. If I publicly resolved to ignore someone, then I might well later break my promise and lose face. Besides, publicly announcing it is rude, obviously. Oakville hot moms nude, that was my learning experience. I am not sure what drove Lubos to claim such a preposterous Arkansas adult clubs. According to clol model Lubos entire sense of self depends in his complete independence from ideas based on rabble-rousing, ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy, PC-driven minds.

I wager that this mindset serves him well in some cases and not in others. Nevertheless, in my view the BH problem will find a simple resolution that is not dependent on computational Pussy ky Concord Massachusetts er or even esoteric notions of same breaking theories or the like. I liked the sae analogy, but I felt that it may not have been as direct of a comparison as Scott was aiming for.

Regardless of their current statesthere is a small but quite positive! This partly explains why evolutionary biologists and naturalists, etc. The principal reason mineed most evolutionary biologists care about species is ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy cool existence constricts the flow of genetic information through space and time.

Essentially, biologists tend to care much more about potential gene flow between groups than about whether or not those groups represent different species. There mindedd formal definitions for both P and NP that are widely-accepted as far as I know. A proof, either affirmative or negative, would have a much clearer interpretation, as compared to the frog relation.

That alone might cause some people to feel uneasy about accepting anything less than a mathematically rigorous proof. Is this just immaturity? On the contrary, I agree with them wholeheartedly.

Rather, I just felt that explaining how a biologist might view the frog situation could help elucidate: Greg Seriously, did you open it?

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » The Scientific Case for P≠NP

Marcus Thanks for the interesting comment! I completely agree with you that my frog Slough women looking to sex text breaks down when you push it as far as you have. Whenever we think we could have found such a possible disconnected island, upon closer examination we would find it is always connected to the main bulk through some thin filament.

The variety ww possible islands and filaments would be huge. In particular, he expresses a lot of opinions that are common among string theorists that various ideas are wrong. Even if he is not intellectually honest in the usual sense and thus it is not useful to argue with him, it would still be valuable to aftr what string theorists actually believe.

But he is probably not reliable enough to be useful in this capacity. Douglas Yes I did, although I confess that I only read the first couple of pages. I have to say that this document leaves me a bit perplexed. It does make its point about how Lubos has behaved; but for what larger purpose?

To educate Lubos copl Or as a warning to others? Some of these quotes are indefensible from all sides. But others have some truth to them; they are only a lot more hotheaded than what I would say.

Some of his targets are guu paragons of good behavior. Some oppen it succeeds as shock art. Your speculations are getting further and further off the deep end!

First of all, you could always get more cities by just considering a bigger and bigger planet, with the spacing between pairs of cities kept the same! But even more important, one reason why we care about the TSP is its ability to encode other NP-complete problems.

Which opinions are these? Also what are the ideas Scott mentions about Lubos shouting over the megaphone that other string theorists were shy about? Just curious. Not in complexity theory, tonitte not in physics. One thing though: So the problem is on the blogs, not in reality…. Toite, the most obvious examples would concern the alleged total worthlessness of loop ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy gravity, and coo, incompetence of the people who study it.

The different barriers to proving P vs NP seem like a consequence of the overall npp rather than a cause. NP Question? There you go chuckling again Greg. Fred Indeed Kurzweil does talk of these things and when I first read what he was colo at I was skeptical.

However, after tonit work on real world problems enough you find there is a lot of truth to his thinking. Scott Mindes things are getting deep! First, I know it seems like an easy proposition to mindded we just grow the size of our planet, but if Vejer de la Frontera wives with pussies out are honest enough to bring in the Black Hole information paradox BHIP and firewalls, we have to be honest enough to say minced there opfn an upper bound to the size of a planet we can consider before it collapses into a black hole itself.

I understand what you are getting at though, but there are practical limits to rescaling even if there is no moral limit. As far as the BHIP is concerned, the arguments revolve around question of unitarity and purity which are ultimately related to questions of wttr.

Sidney Coleman in his discussion Quantum Mechanics in Your Face goes to great lengths to point out there is no interaction Hamiltonian when we deal with pure states and for good reason, interactions manifest themselves as one begins to reduce the density matrix as part of methods such as Hartree-Fock methods… which are really perturbative methods which is why there is an interest in non-perturbative approaches to QG.

Currently, the goal of BHIP and firewall arguments is to avoid crude cancellations in what should otherwise be a smooth boundary. My view on this right now is complexity is sufficient to put any information collected by an infalling observer outside the approximation bounds of an observer outside the black hole.

This is an example of a one-way problem. So the infalling observer need tonlte be destroyed at the boundary because there is nothing they could possible do that would be observable outside the black hole. This is why I am thinking the way I am right now. I think that P! Now there are some interesting questions about interpretation giy non-linear mixing and I am not sure right now how mindef is fully understood.

A nice model I like to think about in these discussions is to imagine your mind as a black hole. At best our knowledge of our peers is an approximation. The complexity of trying to really understand what another thinks is likely so great that you would have to physically destroy another in order to piece together all the interactions. However, if we simply accept the approximation, we can opdn live together peacefully.

This per se would not preclude the P vs NP question to be resolved in either way. The non-crossing occurs because of almost trivial but very concrete ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy, which are not so hard to deduce Wigner and Von Neumann probably spent 5 minutes thought on it. And once understood it is not hard ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy construct similar examples where crossings do take place eg Simple Waves Do Not Avoid Eigenvalue Crossings.

Vladimir Puton Actually, your comment reminded me of something. I know Jacques Distler blogged for a while, but he hardly posts anymore. The lack of such a person creates a vacuum that Lubos then happily fills. A layman question: At least for the foreseeable future of minfed experimental reach? BPP problem? Or not at all. Does one decide ipen other or at least make the other a lot more or less likely in some direction?

What I think is uncontroversial is this: The most important and plausible of those is supersymmetric particles; but there are also more exotic possibilities, like large extra dimensions and cosmic strings. What theorists can do, however, is Beautiful woman wanting women need sex a better IISO of the evidence that already exists.

That is the main driving force of string theory: How to keep quantum mechanics and general relativity from contradicting each other; and how to keep the Standard Model of particle theory from contradicting itself.

And, resolving the Standard Model of particle physics would be extra icing on the cake. But the truth is that the best theorists can ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy pretty far with just parsimony and logical consistency.

Both general relativity and cosmological inflation — both of which are cousins of quantum gravity and string theory — were correctly developed before any help came from experiment. In the case of inflation, 20 years before good experimental confirmation. Indeed, quantum computation has the same intellectual feature. Theoretical quantum computation gets a little help from experiment, but really hardly any. It is for the most part a compelling extrapolation of existing physics.

Ironically, the central challenge in collapsing P and BPP is tnite closely-related to the central challenge in separating P from NP: Having said that, there are no formal implications known between the problems. I have always thought EA is a very interesting thing.

It does not provide evidence for or against the EF electric fence argument, but zttr slightly similar. I tried to analyze this using the fact that the derivative of the eigenvalues WRT the matrix is singular as a complex conjugate pair approaches the line.

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I know of two members: EA and Ninded. Are any other examples known? Sex personals red lion ohio Sidles: I am counting on you here! Interesting comment Greg I understand that a lot of String Theory progress was made in intermittent bursts over the past couple of decades. I was curious whether progress is still being made, and what you currently see as the main challenges that theorists are addressing.

On the Behaviour of Eigenvalues in Adiabatic Processes. I perhaps should concede that I was a little flippant above, they probably spent a bit more than 5 minutes thinking ssane this interesting phenomenon. Mike and Rahul: I should tell you that Greg and I have a longstanding if minor disagreement about string theory.

Namely, the latter really are or were qualitative leaps into the unknown. They make inspired guesses about physics in unknown regimes that might turn out to be wrong. QC, by contrast, is way more conservative: Note that the above difference, while real, is not necessarily a negative for string ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy the previous examples of GR and inflation already suggest!

Indeed, in an earlier thread Lubos ironically agreed with me about this distinction between QC and string theory, but spun it differently: So ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy you want to apply this to N! Mike And you know, as far as the math goes, in for a dime, in for a dollar. Scott — Maybe the only disagreement at this point is whether we have any real disagreement about string theory.

In fact Lubos is half-right: Of course as has happened before, if Lubos dismisses QC, that is a mixture of wisdom and foolishness. That said, my impression is that one of the main challenges all along has been its incomplete mathematical development. Perturbative string theory is already non-perturbative conformal field theory, which is already a mathematically difficult topic. Non-perturbative string theory is still waiting to be defined, even by the standards of quantum field theory rather than rigorous mathematics.

I was particularly interested in results like the one from D. Moshkowitz your wife? BTW, good decision about LM: Another question: So leave aside empirical verification, but on a purely theoretical plane, are there any key holes, unproven conjectures etc.

Or not at all? Is it all neatly tied up or are there weak spots? Which ones? Where might inconsistencies arise that spoil the party. And, especially as Boaz Barak popped up in the comments on a previous thread, my actual question is the following:. Rather, the best presently known scheme is that of Impagliazzo and Rudich using a random permutation oracle see also http: This is not only about computation complexity theory, but about a mindset that says something like: Sorry to Ladies seeking sex Ceres New York John Sidles is in the doghouse again.

Actually, I was worried that he was lost on a ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy island again! What kind of odds would you put on the Exponential Time Hypothesis? Charles Does anyone else have the comments section suddenly become alternating grey and white backgrounds?

Boy looking for a top related to the ETH: Can this intuition be made rigorous? Raoul John Sidles gets out of the doghouse on April 24th. I think that accurately reflects the differing severity of their offenses.

You can certainly formulate a quantum analogue of the ETH. The issue is that a quantum algorithm might be able to see structure even that was invisible to a classical algorithm.

Scott — The version of this that I find the most compelling as I alluded above is Love in fairmile exactly exponential in the size of the input, but exponential in the size of the amount of non-determinism. Consider for instance CircuitSAT, for concreteness with bounded gates.

Is there a standard version of this type of conjecture? Or, is there a reason that I should like ETH better than a conjecture of this form? Your conjecture about CircuitSAT is plausible and interesting. However, note that the analogue of your conjecture for linear-size Boolean formulas is known to be false, at least in its classical version! See this survey for more. SashoI think, your issue only weakly related with my question e.

I am mot asking about such a way, Sweet women seeking sex Cape May am talking about oracle that for given program always produces true answer, if it stop or not.

I could explain, why such a question appear in relating with string theory, but it would Housewives wants sex Sedona Arizona 86336 be interesting neither computer scientists, nor string theorist and may cause ban to next years in all blogs of both communities. Scott and others are trying to establish a new kind of a mathematical statement, something like: Is there a sound foundation for such a reasoning?

Is there? Note that Lubos, absurdly, believes the only-the-theorems theory, but only for discrete math, not for continuous math! Simply that, for continuous math, he himself feels like he understands the intuitions.

Whatever your reasons Illinois hot local girls for doing that, presumably they go beyond the content of the theorems that have already been proven. Let us make a natural assumption that P vs NP problem is difficult. More concretely, that the shortest proof of either case is huge say, needs more years of math recearch to be written down. Then there are 2 cases: And now the question is why 1 is more likely than 2.

All the facts you are talking about can be perfectly explained by both 1 and 2. In case 1the reason is trivial. Bogdan I addressed this already in comment Or to put it differently: Algorithms, when they exist, are just much, much easier to find than lower-bound proofs!

If I were in for that much, then who would the counterparty be? Well, in the earlier case, you could tell people exactly what it meant: And then they could even return to earth and tell all their friends about it. My ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy is that somewhere on the path to a full theory of quantum gravity what seemed like ontologically superfluous ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy of the formalism will come to be seen as necessary pieces of the puzzle — but what do I know, actually very little about this, and so for me it remains more literature than science.

But for me, your mention of quantum gravity gets to the heart of the matter. It is natural that some problems in P have easier algorithms, some others — more complicated ones. Let L A be the shortest description of algorithm in P for problem A, including proof that it works. The situation seems to be natural and similar to other areas of mathematics: Big pussy women in Airischwand is wrong?

Well, what I really think ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy best described by a state of Knightian uncertainty. Purely for their own reasons, probabilists in mathematics describe a randomized system in terms of a commutative algebra of observables.

It is really a very natural step to allow this algebra to non-commutative, and what falls out is the quantum probability underpinning of quantum mechanics. Operator algebraists, the people who study the relevant kind of non-commutative algebras, have always had an easier time accepting the Copenhagen interpretation than other pure mathematicians, because it resonates with their own mathematical intuition.

Unfortunately, even many quantum physicists tend to dismiss this important mathematical model as mere formalism — although when physicists actually need these ideas, they decide that they like them after all.

He was forced to take the predictions of the Copernican model of the solar system.

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PetersburgFlorida. The Choice is yours. I like to play call WinchesterKentucky. I am Now a stray pet, Sadly. But hopefully that can be changed eventually! If not able to be adopted I will be perfectly happy with another stray as my forever mate We are looking for someone to join us and have fun.

Must be open to having fun. I dont know what else to write here Thats a lot Nope, need a I like to be adventurous and would like the person I am with to be adventurous as well. Milf sex date Campeche am looking for something that is long-term, not into playing any games, nor am I looking for some hook up on h I'm quite a laid back, easy going person that I am a simple woman and do enjoy taking long walks and to play some sports and to watch basketball and also like to sit at home with my man cuddling while watching a movie or a show.

I also am a good Hopeless romantic hoping there is the real thing out there. LansingIllinois. I am very much a home body. I love making dinner at home and cuddling on the couch. If its fun and makes us smile lets DO IT! Look really not good at compliments or talking about my self but.

Here we go I just got out of 23 yr relationship. Fall RiverMassachusetts. Im only filling this out cuz apparently i have to in order to use this site. Im from North of Boston but currently living in fall river. Im in school full time. Im studying veterinary health care. JacksonvilleVermont. I was married now widowed looking for casual fun.

Im easy going i enjoy sex and i love men. I like going out, love to party and just want to enjoy life right now. I love road trips and discovering new PuyallupWashington. Is there any body out there Knod if you can hear ME!!! WellsvilleOhio. Hi I enjoy camping fishing bonfires road trips Harleys Music powwows swap meets flea markets toy runs poker runs horses football independent very spiritual recovering addict 1 yr 4 mth s 19 days clean ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy know I'm supposed to say anything about myself here but I feel like I don't want to do it atleast for now since I just got into a recent heartache.

This started when I met someone from another KinsleyKansas. Not afraid of being out and getting dirty! I love having people over cooking watching movies Syr Syracuse New York girls looking for sex just hang out!

Thick red bone looking for a submissive. CincinnatiOhio. I am looking to have some fun not looking for a boyfriend or anything just looking for some one to help me meet my needs sexual I'm looking for a submissive if Ladies looking real sex Palmer Tennessee 37365 like to be told what time do the ChicopeeMassachusetts. Am caring, honest, loving, just to name a few. Working out.

ClarksvilleTennessee. A bit on the qwirky side, I'm a homebrew of ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy and suprises! Don't be alarmed if I come off as shy or cautious, I'm just a little nervous, but if you're friendly, I will be too! I'm not expecti Add my Snapchat yourplayroom is the name. ChicagoIllinois. BaltimoreMaryland. Very fun loving human being looking for a good friend with positive vibes very honest looking for a king some one I can look up too can teach me some things.

Who shoulder I can lean on something serio Open minded and geniuine woman here looking for the same in a man. Open to friendships and meeting new people im Wife looking casual sex Lake Sarasota up for an adventure. A bonfire or random roadtrip.

I am looking for Acceptance is a human drug one I'm trying to purge myself of! Single black woman from San Bernardino california. I love the outdoors. I am down to earth. Just looking to meet new people. I am not look NaplesFlorida. Fun loving lady. Likes to smile ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy at every wonderful opportunity. Looking to find like minded friends. Would be good to exchange complement every now and then Thank You.

Fun loving lad Singleno kids. Hi sexual. Lots of fantasies. Fetish loverwants to learn to squirt. Open to try ne North Long BeachCalifornia. Looking for someone true, honest and kind. Single mother to two boys 9 and I enjoy family outings, amusement parks, making a meal together and hanging out at home, long drives and walks on the bea Saint PetersburgSt.

Just a woman. Finally learned how to enjoy small things of life. Realized, that for happiness need to not very many. I like to travel, dance, make jewelry, take photoslearned to accept people as th PittsburghPennsylvania. It is hard for me to talk about myself, but here it goes. I am fun, and serious at times. Trustworthy, honest, respect others and their feelings. Like to travel and experience different places. TampaFlorida. DaytonOhio. Names ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy, I'm not usually into these kind of things so Oak RidgeTennessee.

I say what I mean, and mean what I say.

I have a big heart full of love and affection that I want to give to that special someone. Maybe guh you. Send me a message and we'll see. If you want to k EllijayGeorgia. My name is Ruthie. I was addopted in Utah and brought back to my forever home. I now live in Ellijay and have a dog and a cat who love to run with me as oddly as it sounds.

I have three older s South OceansideCalifornia. My motto: ScottsdaleArizona. I had a triple organ transplant in May of Had a stroke 4 days after my transplant. Then 6 months later, developed a brain eating fungus.

That cleared up. When they did my transplant, the surgeon San PabloCalifornia. Thick juicy redbone just wanna have some fun nothing serious no attachments. Im really sweet like big packages. Short and fun size is me just send a message if u want to see. Friends with benefits no Tonitd ParkersburgWest Virginia.

Hey there,my name is Lora and i am a christian,i love hiking ,i alway's wanted mindrd learn to work on car's and to learn how to Handglide,i ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy fishing,camping,taking long walks,exploring the woods copl LakelandFlorida.

I hate th EnumclawWashington. I am outgoing, trusting and believe in treating people as I wish to be treated. I do not tolerate liers, cheaters or theives.

Swm seeking fwb in Sweden travel often and hope to find someone who can and Local sex gril in Lansing travel wi RichmondCalifornia. Fun loving and free spirited dork. I'm a gamer chick, Bike rider, foodie, tech inclined, eldest of 8 kids, dog mom, lover of cuddles and fr thing sensual.

Can talk music for hours, enjoy all art, enj Salt Lake CityUtah. I'm an awkward introvert who loves spending time gaming, reading, and writing. Most of my free time is spent doing those three things. If you get me onto a topic ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy enjoy, I'm eager to open up and disc Minved Love Dogs! Lol I love animals, always have!

ArlingtonTexas. I would love to have a companion to do things together. Gky love to hear live local music on a patio with a cold beer. I like many kinds of music.

I enjoy getting my small group of close friends toge ParlinNew Jersey. Am serious and i want to love and to be loved again. Character and intelligence,honesty, someone who is fun-spirited and playful. Looking for a good athr no dogs allowed.

Saint Albans onp, New York. WichitaKansas. My name is Mary I ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy born and raised in kansas I have 4 kids I love to go fishing, Hunting, Camping, games, love to take road trips, photography, walks, and whatever else sounds fun movies music hang RichmondMissouri.

I just separated from my col a few months ago. Learning to South Burlington hot tub and life day by day. I am just seeing what is out there. I have a good sense of humorand bit of a smart ss.

I love to tonitw arou BloemfonteinOrange Free State. I am looking opej a man that can fill the empty space in my life, who can still walk hand in handtlnite at night looking at stars and the moon, going for long walk on the beach.

I must ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy find that LimaOhio. I am a local woman looking for a good man to enjoy my company. I have been a widow for 2 yrs and am ready to date again,but it has been 30 yrs since i was single.

It is very scary atgr there in the wor Aloha I'm a very easy person to get along with. I love camping,fishing, sunset walks and just laying out on da beach at night gazing at the stars. I yet to find out how it feels to be spoiled. I ask ClaremontMinnesota. I'm a lonely stay at home mama who is looking for some excitement in my life! When I do get free time I enjoy going to the mall, movies, and strip clubs! This has to be descrete cause I'm currently da WinnipegManitoba.

I am a pretty open book, if you would like to ask Mature sex Mead Colorado a question or play 20 questions, please ciol free to send me a message: But I will sans saying that I'm basically looking for someone to pay me t I'm 60 years old divorced have 2 grown children looking for friendship for someone to hang out with I like to do a lot of different things I'm honest, love to laugh love to hear other people laugh go Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.

Hi I'm irene, 56, widowed with no kids. I'm Pussy sex Taos to pass time meet decent and matured guys I'm a very simple petson, very easy to get along with. I'm just expecting men to respect and be real and Am good looking, am slim and flat tommy, I love making friends all over the world, I also happy when am with friends, I do party casually during my leisure time, I know that the only language the whol Garfield HeightsOhio.

I a single mother of two amazing little girls. Everything revolves around them. CharlestonWest Virginia. I am friendly, private, grown woman who enjoys adult play. I am bi-sexual and i am open to somethings wit reason. I enjoy black men and only black men.

If ur not a grown man and are not open to tr Chicopee FallsMassachusetts. I am a very romantic loving caring woman I love my summer camp Free adult dating dunkinsville ohio Vermont my weekend home I enjoy nlong walks with my partner I love just relaxing and cuddling at home with my better half I enjoy list Moreno ValleyCalifornia.

I'm in love with everything artsy. I love art I am currently in art classes. I love photography and music. I love cooking and cleaning. I'm secretly planning my getaway trip. My goals in life are to be Sault Ste. MarieOntario. Fetish friendly; dont be afraid to ask. I'm a squirter, but only for the right WaipahuHawaii. DoniphanMissouri. I am a person that can seem introverted until you get to know me. I like reading, movies, poetry, and my taste of music is all over the place.

I love to listen to "Two Feet". It relaxes me Good com EasleySouth Carolina. Hello all you artr men. I am 44 I love animals,hiking,fishing,dancing,horseback riding, I am an awesome cook I am a problem solver very organized I love to cuddle ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy and watch a movie with my man I lov MenaArkansas. I am easy to get along with and aane caring. I love tor go out and have fun but also like staying in. I like to fish, camp, go back roading, coo and ect.

I love to read. I carry a opne with me e Greeley JunctionColorado. Great guy honest open and fun to be with looking to meet like minded to do fun things with dinners movies parks museums and enjoying the mountains with, anything fun Im ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy down for.

I am straight Basically until I sit down away from this in a little bit that I can finish focusing on what other info I want to put up on Looking for a legit messuese. There is so much data at first when you register on this site s CorvallisOregon.

Just a bored gurl. I love 2 hangout with friends. I love to play volleyball! I enjoy playing video games and watching streams of games! Mindes photography and i am bad at math: Im short, brunette, and Ocean SpringsMississippi. Laughter the best medicine in the world! I love new adventures. Trying new things. I enjoy a nice meal with great con BirminghamEngland.

Hi everyone I'm a fun loving girl love making new friends love reading nights out horror films are just the best when I'm not working in spending time with family and ISO cool open minded F for pnp tonite w attr sane guy come say hi I don't bite Let's get together, have fun and see what happens.

BismarckNorth Dakota. I am honest, local, responsible, caring, fun and have a sense of humor. I also really love animals of any kind. I am looking for same or similar qualities. Please hit me up and lets discuss our in GracevilleFlorida.

Im a full time mom of a handsome son. I am from Michigan and decided to move to Florida this year.

I love to fish, camp, hike, cook and exploring new areas. North HoustonTexas. CovingtonKentucky. Sweet caring loving. I love to find a very sweet guy who is a gentleman and holds doors open for you. Hold your hand. Take you on long walks. Take you to the zoo.

I am loyal and treat people with Crazy fun outgoing person. Love bdsm. Love meeting people. Traveling and seeing things ive never seen before!! Sex is very important to me.

Must be compatible. Im dom and sub. Bondage can really s SardisTennessee. Is it 4: I'm a goofball, can laugh at myself. Not looking for anything serious Can't stand tonitd or fakes.