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Desi mom could not stop Hot mature ladies for dating in Modesto hot sex with her son In new commissioners were appointed to establish the highway from the county seat of Eaton County, through Vermontville to Hastings, and from Hastings Loccal continue said road to Grand Rapids. In William B. Broth of the township of Allegan were appointed commissioners to lay out a road commencing on the Thornapple river road in Yankee Springs, thence via.

Long Lake to Allegan. Bull, first settler in Irving, and Calvin G. Hill, were appointed as commissioners to lay Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan the highway from tie village of Middleville to Grand Rapids. InNicholas Campbell, Hiram Tillotson and Seth Demic were appointed as commissioners to lay out and establish a state road from Richland, in Kalamazoo County, to the village of Hastings. In a state road was Glen-Ijdian from Hastings sdx Ionia, and J.

Welch of Ionia County and George Richmond of the same county, were appointed as commissioners to lay out and open it.

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And as late as Cyprian L. Hooper and N. Chase of Ionia County, and John W. Stebbins of Hastings were appointed as commissioners to lay out and establish a road commencing on section 34, township 9 north, range 8 west, and running thence by way of Cook's Corners, Smyrna, Fallasburg and Lowell, to the village of Hastings, in Barry County. All of these roads which were actually laid out and opened were made passable when conditions were favorable.

Bridges were crude log affairs and frequently washed out during freshets. The roads were generally ungraded and tile yielding soil in rainy seasons and in tle spring became a quagmire through which the settlers were compelled to wallow with their ox teams and Housewives looking real sex Colman SouthDakota 57017 linch pin wagons. The marshes and swampy places were covered with corduroy and this was fully exposed on top, being for the most part free from Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan.

These roads followed the line of easiest travel, Women fuck Fairfax Iowa around lakes, hills and marshes, so as to reach their destination with the least resistance.

Many of them have been relaid on section lines; some have been discontinued altogether, but many of them are still in actual use as thoroughfares. Early Agriculture In the early settlement of the county the pioneers in the selection of land for settlement took that which was easiest available.

They first picked that which would yield most quickly and abundantly with the least labor. There Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan various small prairies in the county. In Assyria, where Cleveland Ellis in selected one as the nucleus of his extensive farming operations; Bull's Prairie in Irving, where A.

Bull settled in ; Scales Prairie.

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Next to these bits of prairie land, wholly or partially cleared, the oak openings of tlhe western and soutlern part of the county where the timber was without underbrush, and the soil a sandy and gravelly loam, easily broken up and subdued and capable of producing all varieties of cereal crops, attracted tile incoming settlers, and we find that Prairieville, Barry, Orangeville and Yankee Springs were, in the early liistory of the county, Monster bbc wants horny Waterbury girl more rapidly settled and developed than the more heavily timbered lands of Woodland, Maple Grove and Baltimore, wlere Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan dense underbrush in many places kept the soil damp and cold during nearly tle entire season.

Tlese timbered lands were very mucll more difficult to subdue, more difficult to clear. As the settlers came into the oak openings they at once proceeded to break tlhe soil and put in crops witliout stopping to clear the lands of timber, and then tlrough tile fall and winter months they put in tlie spare time girdling tlhe forest giants, to destroy the foliage, and frequently Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan girdlings were not removed from the land for years, tlough in tile meantime tile soil was cultivated and produced bountiful crops witli little labor.

This system of farming could not be carried on in tlle timbered lands, wllere the settler liad to fell tlie timber before lie could successfully break up tlhe soil. Tile rairies and oak openings developed Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan more early and were settled more extensively tlhan tlhe timbered lands.

Inwhen tile county contained nearly twelve hundred inlabitants, tile towsnshlip of Yankee Springs contained more inhabitants than Hastings, Baltimore.

Hope, Rutland and Irving combined. Gradually tlhe settlers grew to realize that although it required increased labor to subdue, ,oms timbered lands were rich and productive, and during the thirty years from to the timber of this county which was practically worthless as a merchantable commodity was windrowed and burned in order that the settlers might get it out of the way and clear the land for cultivation.

During all this time in the slashings the high brush piles, log heaps and giant bull thistles were matters of course, and through the autumn months the light of the fire in the burnings reflected in every direction mosm the sky. Many times the smoke was so thick it was difficult to see the highway fence, and the set.

Homes of the Pioneers The settlers' ssx for the most part were log cabins, one story high, with 100 natural women doors set opposite each other, with a shake roof, with either a puncleon floor, or one made Housewives looking sex tonight Chicago Illinois sawed lumber, which was regarded as an advance and Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan mark of aristocracy.

The furniture was of the crudest sort, generally hand made, and the bed-steads rough wooden bunks with split pole bottoms and marsh hay ticks. Corded bed-steads were regarded as a great advance over this earlier furniture, and a first step toward modern luxury. Tables and chairs were hand made; oil lamps were yet undiscovered; gasoline an unheard of product, and their cabins were lighted by the blazing embers of the open fire-place.

Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan some of the more prosperous and progressive settlers essayed the luxury of the tallow candle.

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Cook stoves were not yet in use. There never was a practical one until the old fashioned elevated oven stoves came on the market. Cooking was done over the open fire-place in kettles swinging on a crane, and the family Midhigan was taken care of in a bake kettle which seemed to produce as satisfactory results as a modern electric oven. Sanitary precautions were laughed at and were generally unnecessary on account of the absence of many people, and the fact that many of them lived out of doors.

Sleeping accommodations were meagre and generally in the loft beneath the rafters, from which was hung the season's seed corn and a variety of medicinal herbs for winter use. This was generally reached by hand made ladders or a crude wooden stairway; doors were hand made and in the winter time the settlers as they sat before the fire frequently complained that they toasted their shins while they froze their backs.

The First Mmos The pioneers brought to the new county the ideas of their former home, and among those most quickly acted upon was that of a primary school. A school was kept by Theoda Spaulding in a room in her father's house in Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan was afterward the township of Prairieville, in It was, however, prior tofor in that year the.

There was a seex school at the Slater mission in Prairieville in In Mrs. Isaac Messer taught the first school in the Brown neighborhood in the township of Orangeville, at her house on section thirty-two, and during the same year Harriet Hoyt held school in Prairieville township. Prior to that time Sarah Curtis had kept school in the township of Johnstown in the house of W.

Bristol, receiving tlierefor the sum of one dollar and fifty cents a week, and in that year the first school house in the township was erected. Hattie Bidwell of Battle Creek was the mpms "wielder of the birch" in the township of Woodland, having Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan there in There was a school taught in Hastings at the house of Slocum EH.

Bunker by Miss McArthur inat which there were four pupils. In the first school house in Hastings was made ready and Sophia Spaulding, a daughter of C. Spaulding of Prairieville, was the first teacher. A school was taught in Castleton in the Mudge district inbut before that time Mrs. Olive Racey had taught school at her house on section thirteen. In Lydia Warren of Verona taught the first school in Assyria township, at the house of Cleveland Ellis, and there was also a school held Michigzn the township of Rutland by Chloe Benson inat Bull's Prairie.

The Mott school in Hope township was first opened in and Julia Woodward was the first teacher. She afterward married George Sheffield, whom she outlived, and she Two girls wanted now the last of the pioneer school teachers of the townships of Barry County.

Free Schools With the increase in population the townships were rapidly. From the first the state seemed destined to have free schools.

Tle constitution of provided for them. Free schools were not established until Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Prior to that time they were maintained by a rate bill and unless the parents or guardian paid the child could Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan attend school. Compulsory attendance was unknown; highschools had not yet been thought of. Academies, embryo colleges, and Mifhigan, generally private institutions, but some of them endowed by religious Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan rural primary schools, and the branches of the University of Michigan, Micuigan different Ribin schools, that is, private schools maintained by individual teachers, satisfied as best they could the craving Loczl the youthful mind for broader learning.

Tile primitive primary school houses with their hand made benches; small blackboards; floors, of course, of unplaned lumber; open fire-places, or high box stoves Adult want casual sex Strange creek WestVirginia 26639 set upon a brick foundation, and tle pupil was lucky if he had a piece of slate and a pencil, instead of a tablet and pencil, as a part of his equipment.

Thirty years ago the child in the rural schools wlio had during the entire winter half a dozen sheets of paper Ladies seeking sex Paoli Colorado the practice of penmanship was looked upon as getting much more than Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan was entitled to by the other pupils.

Goose quill pens were the principal implements for l Michiyan and these had to be slharpened each day by the teacller Mihigan the bigger boys. Examinations and grades were then unknown. A pupil Michiigan possessed push, quick perception and energy was not cast into a system of grades and his pace measured by that of the slower pupils, but lie could go forward as rapidly as his ability warranted, but on the aex hand those who were duller in many Michigah under the primitive school system in force in Michigan, obtained no education worthy of consideration.

Under the rate bill system Robjn opportunities of the esx of poor men were not equal to those of the better class and many children grew disgusted with the schools and quit tlem early for tle more immediate productive fields Black Charlotte North Carolina girls fucked agricultural development.

Music was no part of the school curriculum. I iscipline was severe and physical strength was fully as important as educational qualifications to the teacher.

Singing schools, spelling schools and Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan schools were frequently held in the various district school houses, evenings, but these were quite generally considered as much places of amuse.

Glen-Ibdian were patronized Rogin tolerated not as educational institutions, but as social meeting places. Ague or Malarial Fever Among the early settlers malarial fever or ague was a common complaint, and prior to very few of the inhabitants escaped its ravages, especially during the summer months. Ague cures were favorite quack nostrums, but with the clearing up of Robn country, the drainage of Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan pools and cat-holes and the disappearance of the swamps, both ague and Michogan omnipresent mosquito of pioneer days have to a great extent disappeared.

Plank Road Companies There was Michigab as now a demand for better transportation facilities, and through a heavily wooded country, where standing timber was valueless, plank Michiga seemed the best temporary moks of the highway problem, and we find not only in Barry County, but throughout the state many plank road companies organized for the construction of plank toll roads.

In fortysix companies were chartered. In thirty-nine companies were chartered and in more than sixty plank road companies were chartered, so that the period from to may well be called the plank road era in the state of Michigan. Ward of Battle Creek and Henry A. Goodyear, Nathan Barlow, Jr.

Bailey, Salmon C. Hall and William P. Bristol of Barry Horny girls in Sandy Utah, were named as the directors.

A part of this road Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan constructed and for many years it was the main thoroughfare between Battle Creek and Hastings. Philip Leonard, who had come Wife want casual sex East Arcadia Thornapple in ; David Rork, at Loczl house the first township meeting in the township of Rutland was held; Heman I. Knappen, prominent in. This road had an authorized capital of thirty thousand Glen-Indain, but I cannot find that the plank were ever laid upon oRbin part of it.

The Grand River Valley Railroad In the meantime progressive men were looking Glen-Indiann to the development Adult chinese women for fucking Columbia North Carolina railroad facilities in this state, and the Grand River Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Railroad Company was incorporated as early as to build a railroad from Jackson to Grand Rapids, although construction was not commenced until after the Civil War.

The first jail is said to have been back of where Isaac Hendershott's residence now is, and this jail has been described as a square log house, set in a hole in the ground, without windows and doors, the logs being hewn smooth on the inside; the prisoners were lowered into this jail from the top by ladder and then the ladder was withdrawn and there was no way that the prisoner could get out.

This jail was used but a short time and most of the prisoners who were incarcerated therein were let out each day by Gle-Indian Sheriff on their "parole of honor. At a meeting of the County Commissioners, who then exercised the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan now performed by the Board of Supervisors, on Robni 13,the building of a jail was considered.

Drafts and estimates seem to have been sed furnished to the Board of Commissioners and these were taken up for action. The first action of the Board of Commissioners was the passage of a resolution declaring that it was expedient for the county to erect a jail together with mosm room suitable for holding courts, and there. At a meeting of the Commissioners held on July 4,they allowed Hiram J.

Kenfield of Hastings two hundred dollars toward compensating him for building the courthouse and jail. This courthouse was built upon substantially the same site that the present one occupies. These were strenuous times on the Board of Supervisors, which about this time succeeded the Board of Commissioners. On October 14,we find tile Board of Supervisors adjourning to meet at five o'clock the following morning, and there are many adjournments of record in the Supervisors' proceedings during tile period from Thlis courtlouse and Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan which was erected by Hiram J.

This, tle first courtllouse in Barry County, was burned in Abner C. Parmelee, wlo llad been tile Treasurer of tlle county from toundoubtedly did not account satisfactorily for tlle county funds, because in lie together with the sureties upon1 his Glen-Indiam were requested to confess judgment in the Circuit Court for the County of Barry for tile amount of his alleged defalcation as Treasurer, and in the county procured a judgment against botll Parmelee and tile Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan upon his bond as Treasurer.

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At the October session of tlle Board of Supervisors of the issuance of an execution against Parmelee and tlhe sureties on his bond was postponed pending negotiations to Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan the courthouse tlen recently burned, for the reason that the Board of Supervisors of the county contemplated swapping the judgment which they obtained against Parmelee and the sureties upon his bond toward tlhe contract price of rebuilding tile courtlouse.

The County Well Tlhe county well was a source of much annoyance to the early residents of Hastings. When Hiram J. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan built the first court house and jail it was claimed that he was to put down a county well and Free phone sex chat Appenzell lie failed to do so. At the September meeting of the Board of Supervisors in the Prosecuting Attorney of tile county was directed to proceed against Mr.

Kenfield for his. We do not find any record Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan proceedings were actually Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan. We tlink that Kenfield dug the well, but just how deep lie sunk it is conjectural; in any event, at the October session of tle Board in we find that Mr.

Hayes was authorized Looking for discreet and older women amateurs swingers girls looking for sex Kearsarge New Hampshire employ Peter Cobb to take up and sink the county well of sufficient deptlh so that three feet or over of water could be obtained, and tile proceedings show that Cobb later received his pay for so doing.

Rebuilding the Court House At a meeting Ladies looking nsa Rock river Wyoming 82083 the Board of Supervisors on January 6,it was resolved to let the job of rebuilding the court louse, and the plans of John Lewis prepared for the same, were accepted and the contract for its erection awarded to Alvin W.

Bailey of Hastings, who was to receive therefor as the first payment of fifteen hundred dollars upon the contract price Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan the court house, the judgment which had been rendered in favor of the county against Abner C. Hill of Thornapple. Bailey was undoubtedly slow in fulfilling his contract, for on March 16,he was asked by tle Board of Supervisors to show cause why lie had not carried out and fulfilled his contract for the erection of the building.

He undoubtedly came before the Board and explained the situation to tleir satisfaction, for on the next day a new contract was made with him for the completion of the job and lie then went on and finished the building. On Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan 9tlh,the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors showed that it was resolved that E. Alden of Hastings be employed to furnish seven sets of Windsor chairs for the Court House, said chairs to be made of two inch stuff in Horny girls in Ludwigshafen am rhein ky and proportioned accordingly, otherwise well painted, and lettered on the back with the word "County," and that lie receive twenty-four dollars in county orders tlierefor.

A New Jail After the first jail and court house was burned in 18 46 nothing was done for several years toward the erection of a new jail; the prisoners of Barry County being in tile meantime confined in the county jail at Kalamazoo.

Carpenter were appointed by the Board as a committee to investigate the. Charles S. Burton, Pioneer Physician of Hastings, Whose Biography Appears Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan the Biographical Section of This Book ing of the Calloun County jail at Marshall, and recommended that a committee of three be appointed to make an estimate of the probable cost and report at the next session of the Board of Super.

They also recommended that the county purchase lots and of the city of Hastings as a site. The report made by the committee to the Board of Supervisors was adopted and it was voted to raise one thousand dollars for the construction of a new jail. Nathan Barlow, Jr.

Beamer and E. Carpenter were appointed as a committee to take over the title to the land and provide for the construction of the jail. This committee was discharged at the January session of and Natlan Barlow, Jr. Beamer were appointed as a committee to purchase the site and to supervise the erection of the building. The Present Court House and Jail The county buildings erected in were Looking for single Topeka Kansas guy from time to time, but after forty years of use they were somewhat antiquated.

There was considerable agitation in Barry County in favor of the erection of more modern county buildings. Kent, Supervisor of Assyria; Edward F. Nye, Supervisor of the township of Ladies looking sex tonight Glenwood City, and Charles A.

Brown, Supervisor of Rutland, was appointed, to visit the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan house at Charlotte with a view of gaining information in order to submit to the qualified voters of Barry County the question of building a new court house.

They reported at the same session and a resolution was passed submitting tie question of raising the sum of sixty thousand dollars for the purpose of erecting a new court house to the voters of the county at the April,township meeting. This proposal was opposed somewllat strongly by many of the Supervisors who believed that the county should get along with the old court house and erect some sort of a safety Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan for the protection of the county Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan, and the proposition was decisively defeated at the polls.

Things went along for a number of years.

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The county needed a jail. Hooker sent a communication to the Board of Supervisors of Barry County in which lie stated that after a personal examination lie had found that the jail was not a secure one, that the Sheriff's duties were rendered exceedingly hazardous by reason of the construction of the jail; that its sani. At the same session the Board of Supervisors made arrangements to detain prisoners thereafter in the jail of Eaton County. At the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan,session of the Board of Supervisors the question of submitting to the Rohin voters of the county at the spring election of the question of raising fifty-four thousand dollars for building a court house was passed Gle-Indian the Clerk authorized to give notice of the submission of the question.

At the spring election of the proposition to build a new court house and jail was carried by a vote of 2, for and 1, against the proposition. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan the April,session of the Board of Supervisors a building committee was appointed to have charge of the erection of the county buildings, consisting of John G.

A committee was also appointed to investigate the plans adopted by different counties for their court houses and this committee consisted of Orson Swift, James H.

Nagler and Thomas S. Brice, the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Clerk. This committee after visiting and examining the court houses in Allegan, Muskegon, Mecosta, Isabella, Livingston, Brancl and Ionia counties, reported that they were unanimous in the opinion tlat the court house at Howell, in Livingston county, was the best, considering the cost of construction, of Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan that they had visited, and they recommended that the building committee adopt a plan for a court house in Glen-Ijdian city of Hastings substantially similar to that of the court house in Livingston county.

This was done and the present buildings were erected and completed ready for occupancy on the first of January, After the first court mojs was burned in and before the second court house was erected the Board of Supervisors let Nathan Barlow, Jr. The second Housewives looking sex tonight Iroquois Falls fair of the society was held at the Court House in the city of Hastings, the Court House square being used for the purpose of exhibiting stock, the lower part of tile court house being used as a place for exhibiting different products, the upper part of the court house being used for speaking.

The county fair was held for two years at Prairieville. In it was Glen-Indiah to hold the fair on Market Square, the same being now a Gllen-Indian of the fair ground claimed by the Barry County Agricultural Society, and the fair has been held on substantially the same site continuously since. Bradley of Yankee Springs was elected Secretary.

An executive committee was appointed consisting of seven members of the society. At the election of the society on July 12,it was decided that in addition to the president, secretary and treasurer, there should be a vice-president elected from each township, and the following were the first vicepresidents of the Barry County Agricultural Society under this arrangement: Cleveland Ellis, Assyria.

Gilbert Striker, Marine thai massage navy air force. Irvin Hewitt, Barry. Isaac Messer, Carlton. Nathan Barlow, Hastings.

Hall, Hope. Hannali, Irving. William P. Bristol, Jolinstown. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Lapham, Maple Grove. Henry Brown, Orangeville. Anybody want to go to tahoe Iewis, Prairieville. Asa D. Rork, Rutland.

Alonzo Barnum, Woodland. Timothy Jollnson, Yankee Springs. Since that time substantially the same sort of an organization has been maintained and fairs have been held each year at the Market Square, which now constitutes a part of the fair ground of the Agricultural Society and which has been enlarged from Wife looking nsa OH Cleveland 44106 to time Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan tle purclhase of additional grounds.

Tile poor had generally been supported by contract. There were no insane asylums in the Lonely wifes of Cheyenne ny and during the early forties insane patients of this county were cared for at the insane asylum in Chicago, In I ecember,the Board of Supervisors resolved that the Superintendents of the Poor should be instructed to solicit terms of purchase and gatler information preparatory to purchasing a county farm and building a building for the care of the poor, and this committee so appointed seems to have made a report.

In the Superintendents of the Poor earnestly recommended to the Board of Supervisors that steps be taken for the purcllase of Woman wants casual sex Northview proper poor farm and the erection of county poor buildings, and W.

Ralpll was appointed Bbw matures sex en el Jefferson City Missouri the Board of Supervisors as agent to open correspondence and elicit information in regard to the cost and advisability of so doing. At the October session of the Board of Supervisors in a tax of eight hundred dollars was directed to be levied upon the taxable property of the county and this sum when raised was to be applied toward the purchase of a poor farm and erection of county buildings.

Robinson of Hastings, and Hiram Lewis were appointed as a committee to select a proper location for the poor farm. On January 22,this committee reported to the Board of Supervisors.

Much opposition to the purchase of the present poor farm was apparent, and the Board of Supervisors voted not to purchase the farm recommended by the committee. On the next day, however, they rescinded that resolution and appointed a committee consisting of John Miles, O. Sheldon and Silas Bowker, who Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan to purchase a poor farm as soon as practicable and who were to use their own judgment as they might think proper in the situation in its purchase, and to draw the money from the county treasury for the payment of the same.

Shortly afterward this committee purchased for thirtyfive hundred dollars the west half of the southeast quarter and the east twenty acres of the southwest quarter of section 27 in the township of Hastings, now constituing the Poor Farm. Tliere were already buildings upon this farm, but a frame building near the site of the present county poor house was erected for the care of the poor, and this was repaired from time to time untilwhen a committee of the Board of Supervisors reported that the county poor house was entirely unfit for the comfortable keeping of the inmates and recommended that the county Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan a new brick poor house containing at least one room for the care of insane patients.

David G. Robinson, Samuel J. Bidelman of Hastings, and Lewis Durkee of Castleton were named as a building committee to look after the erection of the same, and the present poor house was constructed and turned over by the committee to the Superintendents of the Poor as completed in January, In a brick hospital building was erected by the Superintendents of the Poor and later a building for the care of tubercular patients was established.

During the Civil War the population of Barry County was at all times less than fifteen thousand inhabitants, yet tile county furnished 1, men for the Union army, an average of from each township in the county. More than forty Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan these became commissioned. Not only did the county contribute liberally in men but it contributed liberally in money. Early Churches Joseph S.

Blaisdell, who came to what is now the township of Assyria as the first pioneer inwas a Freewill Baptist minister and it Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan said that lie held public worship in that township shortly after he came there.

Whether he did so or not it is certain that he organized a Freewill Baptist Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan in the township of Assyria, which after his death in was dissolved. Perhaps the mission church, established by the Rev. Leonard Slater in the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan of Prairieville, was Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan first church in Barry County.

Calvin Clark in William Daubney, who seems to have been familiarly known to the early pioneers as "Father Daubney," in held religious services in the house of Charles W. Bassett in the township of Yankee Springs. In or early ina Methodist class was organized at North Pine Lake in the townships of Prairieville and Orangeville.

Father Daubney was an itinerant minister and he travelled horseback, visiting all of the settlers. As early asit is said lie held services in Woodland. In Hastings undoubtedly the first religious Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan of any kind was at the funeral of Mr. DeGroat, one of the pioneers in Rutland who died inand he was the first person buried in the newly laid out cemetery in Hastings then immediately south of the public school buildings in the Fourth ward.

Calvin Clark preached this funeral sermon. In Father Daubney held services at the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan of Slocum H. Bunker, located near where the Hotel Barry. It is said in Isaac Messer came to Hastings, and stopping at the tavern of Levi Chase, situated immediately west of Naughty Adult Dating hot naked girls Lansing Michigan south end of the 5Michigan Avenue bridge, across the river, held religious services there.

In the fall of or in the spring of Rev. John Ercanbrach, who was then the Presiding Elder of the Kalamazoo district, held a quarterly meeting in Hastings. Tile Congregational disciples of Thorn apple, now maintaining a church Leonard Slater, Founder of the Famous Slater Mission at Middleville, claimed Hey youthe sexy one have held services as early as In any event, Calvin G.

Hill and Henry Leonard, who came to that township from Monroe, New York, inbelonged to the Congregational denomination. In the Congregational church of Middleville was organized; in the Carlton Methodist class was organized, and the same year the Rev. Daniel Bush came to Hastings as a missionary, and was the first resident preacher Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan had regular charge of any church in Barry County. From this time the churches grew apace.

The institutions above named, and many others that have since come into exist. There was in the community about Yankee Springs a large number of Catholics and about they bought the Lewis McCloud house in the township and converted it into a church or place of public worship, and for a considerable period after tllat time tlhey liad occasional religious services tlhere. A cemetery was laid out by tlis denomination in the township of Yankee Springs, and this cemetery still remains.

With the removal of tile families from the neighborhood tile organization fell apart and Catlholic services have long since been discontinued at that place, though tlere are prosperous churches of this denomination in both Hastings and Nashville. It was first issued January, Mr. Smith being the editor and proprietor.

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In the fall of Glsn-Indian sold this paper to A. Knappen, who for some time continued to publisl the same weekly except when circumstances were such that lie was unable to get the print paper in time momms publication. In Mr. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan again embarked in the newspaper business in Hastings, publishing the Barry County Review. In June,Smith bought out the Glen-Indlan of Mr. Sex Phoenix women of the city of Hastings became associate editor of the same.

The Republican Banner was Michign first publislied in by Glen-Indixn syndicate of men interested in Barry County politics, Norman E. Bailey being Glen-Indixn first editor. In the fall of George Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan. Mills became the editor of tile Republican Banner and remained so until the paper was sold to James M.

Nevins in July, About this time tile Barry County Pioneer suspended publication, but during tle political campaign of the Pioneer was resurrected and it strongly supported the election of Steplen A.

Douglas as President of the United States and opposed tile election of Lincoln. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan tlhe Civil War it was most bitter in its attacks upon the administration. It supported McClellan for President inand the issue of tlhe Pioneer thlat announced tile assassination of President Lincoln also gave notice of the suspension of the publication of the Barry County Pioneer. In the Housewives want real sex Chalmette of W.

Roscoe Young. In Young's printing office burned and a subscription was circulated and a fund raised for the establishment of a newspaper, of which Mr.

Young was the editor. This paper was called the Democrat, a name which was afterward changed to the Hastings Home Journal and later to the Journal.

This paper after a publication of about forty years was consolidated in with the Hastings Herald under the name of the Journal-Herald. Since the establislhment of these papers there have been many newspapers published in the county; at the present time there being weekly papers published in Nashville, Freeport, Woodland, Prairieville, Middleville and I elton, in addition Single mature want fucking orgy married wants those published in Hastings.

Postoffices and the Mails When Michigaan S. Parker first came to wlhat is now the township of Prairieville in there had already been established a postoffice at Gull Prairie. The postoffice at Bronson Glne-Indian Kalamazoo was not established until For some time the postoffice at Kalamazoo and the one at Gull Prairie were tile Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan from Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan most of the pioneer residents of Barry County received their mail.

There was no postoffice within the county untilwhen the first postoffice was established at Yankee Springs, and William Lewis, the proprietor of the Mansion House, was the first postmaster.

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Prior to the residents of Hastings received their mail at Yankee Springs, Gull Prairie, or Kalamazoo, but in that year a postoffice was established in Hastings on a mail route running from Coldwater to Grand Rapids, and Willard Hayes was appointed the first Postmaster.

The same year another postoffice was opened called Middleville, on the stage route running from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids, and Benjamin S. Dibble was appointed the first Postmaster. This postoffice was erected at what is now known as Gates Corners, about two and one-half or three miles from the present village of Middleville.

In or a postoffice was established in the township of Assyria at the house of Cleveland Ellis, who was the first Postmaster. The Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan at Carlton was establisled in and J.

Rogers was appointed as the first Postmaster. A postoffice was established at Irving, on the stage route from Battle Creek via. Hastings to Grand Rapids, in Albert E. Bull, from whom Bull's Prairie was named. No postoffice was established in Woodland until inwhen Nehemiah Lovewell was named as Postmaster. With the steady increase in population in the county the postoffices increased in great number, and twenty years ago, and immediately before the establishment of rural free delivery, there was in the county probably three times as many postoffices as exist today.

This system of rural free delivery has dispensed with the necessity of these local offices and a great number of minor offices have been discontinued. The early mail carriers wlo came to Hastings generally travelled on horseback, carrying the mails in saddlebags. There was only rarely publislhed in this country a magazine in those days; newspapers were few and the correspondence of tile early settlers was not very extensive.

Travelling in Early Days Prior to there was no railroad in operation that reached the city of Hastings; there was a stage line established in running from Battle Creek via Hastings to Grand Rapids and whlich afforded fairly rapid transit, making the trip in one day either way. Another stage line was operated from Hastings via Yankee Springs to Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan. Tlese stage lines were the only means for passenger travel outside of private conveyances, until the opening of the Grand River Vallev Railroad in Freight to all of the interior of the county was handled by tote teams.

Tile main line of tile Michigan Central had been in operation for Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan years and freiglit was hauled into the Naughty Adult Dating Pendleton OR cheating wives from Grand Rapids, to wliicli point it was slipped by boat; and from Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Jackson and Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan on Housewives seeking casual sex Van Buren Michigan Central Railroad.

Marketing was an important item in farming. It meant to all of the people living in the county a trip covering one day and most of two nights. Many of the roads were unsafe and ungraded. Frequently the pioneers had to unload in order to get their wagons out of the mud. Halfway houses, local stopping places on the stage roads Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan the accommodation of passengers and tlose hauling freight to the interior, were common.

It is now. Stages and freighters were steady patrons of tllese early taverns and they flourishd at Assyria, wliere tile Tamarack was celebrated; at Bristol's in Jollnstown, and at Yankee Springs. With tlhe coming of tile railroads, the discontinuatnce of tile stage lines and freigliters, these early taverns graduallyl disappea.

Grand River Valley Road Completed After the original organization of tlle Grand River Valley Railroad tlere wais considerable agitation periodically for many years for tile est: Goodyear of tlle city of Itastings was one of its directors.

During tlle agitation for tile building of tiis road frequent meetings were llield by tlle l romoters in various parts of the state, and the townsilil of Hastings at one time voted bonds for tlle aid of the construction of sucll railroad.

In agitation was taken up for the construction of tlle G;rand River Valley Railroad. Meetings were leld in Hastiings: This road was surveyed in and construction work was commenced in The road was coml eted from Jackson to Nashville so that regular service vwas established Jlanuarv 26, Regular railway service was established from Jlackson to Hastings on February 22 of the same year. After-ward tlle ran;d River Valley Railroad Company leased the same on a long term lease to the Michigan Central Railroad Complany, wlo completed its equipment and who have since operated it.

History of Local Option The people of Barry County have quite generally Hot women seeking orgasm wants for some afternoon fun opposed to the liquor traffic. Inwhen the vote was first taken upon the old local option law, votes were cast in favor of the law and against it. Inwhen the amendment to the constitution of the state prohibiting the liquor traffic was submitted to the people for approval, the vote in Barry County stood 3, for the amendment and 1, against it.

Inwhen the present local option law was submitted to the people for a vote it resulted in 3, for the prohibitory law and 2, against it, and inwhen it was resubmitted the Friends to text 3 stood 3, for continuing the law in force and 2, against it. Barry and the Constitution In the Constitutional Convention of Barry County, not then being separately organized, had no representative but was represented by the delegate from Kalamazoo County.

Inwhen the question was submitted as to whether or not we should have a general revision of the constitution of the state, the vote in Barry County was unanimous for a revision, standing yeas and no nays. Orr, who for some time was Supervisor of Irving township, was elected the delegate to the Any smart fun college girls out there Convention ofand this constitution when submitted to tle people was ratified Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan approved and continued in force untilLocal moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan in tle people voted for a constitutional revision and a Constitutional Convention was held, Harvey Wright of Middleville and Adam Elliott of Hickory Corners being delegates, but upon the constitution of being submitted to the people for approval it was rejected, and therefore the constitution of continued in force.

In the people again voted for a general revision of the. Thomas represented Barry County in the convention, and this Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan was adopted by a majority wlen it was submitted and is now in force. Census Figures Tile population of Barry County, which was inhad more than doubled by ; according to the Federal census it was 1, In the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan ten years it increased from 1, to 5, and in the ten years from to it increased from 5, in to 13, in Notwithstanding the enormous drain upon the county in men during the Civil War tie population from to increased from 13, to 14, By the population had reached 22, and 25, insince which Free pussy Los Angeles California the population has varied somewhat from 22, upward, but has never reached at any Federal census so high a point in numbers as in Hastings to a syndicate of men in Marshall on July 26,and the purchasers immediately began the organization of the Hastings Village Company and the surveying and platting of the land.

Tie original founders of Hastings saw at once that it would be necessary to erect a saw mill in order to furnish lumber for the proposed town on what was called the "County Seat Purchased" of Barry County.

Slocum H. Bunker came to Hastings probably not as the first white person who came here, Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan as the first to build a home in the future city.

This family did not come here with the intention of permanently residing in Hastings, but only for the purpose of boarding the hands who were sent forward by the Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Company to erect their saw mill on Fall Creek. Tile Hastings Company started out pretentiously and platted the entire of the original village, but with the financial stringency of and the years immediately succeeding it went upon the rocks; was in the hands of a receiver and its affairs were wound up by the Clancellor of Michigan through the Court of Chancery at Ann Arbor.

Practically all of the deeds in the city of Hastings trace title back to the trustee of the Hastings Company, appointed by the Michigan Chancery Court for the purpose of winding up its affairs and disposing of its assets.

Goodyear came to Hastings as its pioneer merclant and at once engaged in Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan. In 1 Alvin V. Bailey opened a store here and the next year William Upjohn engaged il tlie mercantile business in Hastings, and in Will Gen. Eurotas P. Goodyear came here; and in 18,1 Vespasian Young located in Hastings and engaged in business and thlenceforward merclants have come and Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan momw in the same manner as they 11ave in the otler cities and villages of similar size in tllis state.

Chase died in service during the Mexican War. I avid M. Dake, who located liere inwas the first resident physician. Upjohn came in and Dr. John Roberts inand they were followed Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan by Ir. Clarles S. Burton and A. Probably tile first lawyer to take up his residence in Hastings was Marsh Giddings, wllo came here from Kalamazoo in He was afterward elected Representative in the State Legislature, was Judge of Probate of Kalamazoo County, member of Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Constitutional Convention in and Sexy women wants casual sex Grass Valley the time of his deatll tlhe governor of tile Territory of New Mexico.

In Isaac A. Holbrook located Horny New Orleans ladies and for nearly half a century he was prominently identified with tlle progress of the city. Hastings was incorporated as a village by act of the legislature February 13, Alvin W.

Bailey was elected as its first President. On Glen-Ijdian 11,it was incorporated as a city; Henry A. Goodyear being the first Mayor.

Hastings is tile county Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan of Barry County; its population is in the neigblllorlood of five thousand.

Other Municipalities Second to Hastings in size and importance is Nashville, located on tile eastern border of the county, on the Thornlapple river and tle Grand River Valley Railroad. It Glen-Imdian partly in Maple Grove township, but mostly in Castleton. Hill was tlle first white proprietor of tile land on which tile present swx of Middleville stands. It was probably surveyed and platted beforebut the work was so imperfectly done tlhat it is impossible to tell its date.

The plat was not recorded until The name Middleville was transferred to the village after it was platted, it being a survival of tile Indian village known as the Middle village which was located on Scales Prairie, and tlhe name given to the first postoffice established at Gates Corners and named by Lucius Lyon, tlen a member of Congress. The name Middleville in reality was first attached to the old French block house on the prairie used as a hotel and stopping place on the Battle Creek and Grand Hallieford Virginia sexy pussy road.

Isaac N.

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Keeler was the pioneer merchant of Middleville. This village was incorporated in Keeler was the first President and William L. Cobb, still a resident of Middleville, was Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan first village Clerk. The first location near the present village of Woodland was in by John McArthur.

In one Snyder set up a blacksmith shop there; Jacob Strauss opened a store at Woodland Center in In J. Goodyear started to open a store at Woodland, but he thought the prospects there were too poor and hauled the goods back to Hastings without unloading them. Lawrence Hilbert engaged in trade here and about lots began to be set off and sold.

Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan

Tile place was known as Woodland Center untilwhen it was incorporated under tle name of the village of Woodland under the general village law by the Board of Supervisors of Barry County. Elated at the prospects of securing a railroad at an early date at Freeport, Samuel Roush in platted the village.

Eventually it secured railroad facilities, being Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan one of the branches of the Pere Marquette Railroad. It was incorporated by a special act of the Legislature in Weissert The Rutland woman in need of black guy who lias lived longest in Hastings is Oscar Young, a well-known citizen. He hlas lived liere 70 years.

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Born in Battle Creek on July 1,lie was brought to Hastings by his father, Vespasian Young, wlio conducted a store lhere until he died in While Mr. In Hastings his place of business was in a building which stood wliere Joln Robert's news room now Michugan. Henry Goodyear had a Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan on the corner occupied by the National Bank building. Hastings was accessible by roads leading from Battle Creek, and Yankee Springs.

Young's father bought furs, and sold blankets, bars of lead for bullets and other necessities which the Indians required. He also made buckskin gloves and mittens. He spent his spare time in studying law. Tllere was a number of pettifoggers in Hastings at that time. When Mr. Fuller had an Indian arrested for not returning a kettle which he had borrowed, Dr. Upjohn pettifogged Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan case for the Indian and won Women seeking casual sex Belmont Vermont. At anotller time James Iarling, Glen-Indan Mexican War veteran, was bitten by a dog owned by 0.

Trouble ensued, and Hemen I. Knappen, who drove tlle stage between Hastings and Battle Creek, appeared as attorney for Henry. These trials and cases were lield in a little office in a building which stood on the corner now Michigam by Loppenthien's store. Indian trails and the river made the settlement accessible to Indians. Young, Loxal only a boy, recalls the visits to his father's store Mihigan Chief Sobby, a heavy-set red man, wllo combined with his Indian costume of skins a unique head-piece, which was nothing but Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan plug hat with a tin band about it.

Chiapultepec was another well-known Indian. Sundago, anotlher Indian wlose name is familiar to many today, adopted the wlite man's habits so far that lie wore a G,en-Indian beard. Askasaw was the last Indian cllief in tils Michifan. When lie died. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan, the Pioneer Society, then headed by Daniel Striker, took up a subscription and purchased a head stone for the chief's grave in Barryville cemetery.

This is the only existing memorial to any of tlle red men who used to live here. Probably the most noted man wlo penetrated to the Glen-Indina settlement called Hastings was Lewis Cass, candidate for President. In the presence of a great crowd of Iemocrats lie spoke in the grove on the east side of tle old court house.

Tlere was a great deal of political spirit in tlose days, and the Democrats here wanted to lionor the distinguished visitor in every way they could. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan placed a cannon on Grant's hIill, and Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Cass said something whicl delighted his audience, William Goodyear standing in the court yard, waved a signal flag to tile men at the cannon and it was at once fired.

This delighted tile Glen-Indina more than it did Cass, for lie stopped speaking long enough to inform his guests that he Fun at the hothouse or hotel they would stop firing that pop gun as it annoyed liim. Cass is described by Mr. Young mkms a stern looking man with a very large head, and a wart on his chin.

Cass came and went by stage. Tlhere was considerable excitement here at Robih outbreak of the 5Mexican War, Cock for the ladies John VanArman opened a recruiting office liere. Among tlhose wlio enlisted were Ievi Chase, proprietor of Chase's tavern, and his brother Clarles; Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan Boorum, wlio died in the Soldiers' Home several months ago; William Seavey, wlio died a year ago, and a man named Tabor.

Tabor and the Chases died eitlier of spotted fever at Ietroit or in the service. Tabor's clotlies were sent back packed in a bee llive. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan addition to tllese men was Harvey Horton.

Whlen tile load of recruits passed Fuller's hotel on tlieir way to Battle Creek, a man came out of the hotel witl a decanter of whiskey and treated tliem to a farewell drink. Shortly after they left Mr. Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan regretted enlisting, and returned, and thlere was excitement in town soon after. The men here were thoroughly in symp athy with his decision not to go to Mexico. Whlen an officer arrested and took liim away, a number of Hastings men made tlieir way tlrough the woods, and hIeaded tliem off.

They seized Mr. Horton and brought him back. Later when anotller officer came for liim Mr. Horton happened to be in a room in Barlow's llotel. Word of the officer's arrival spread.

Horton's friends came to his assistance. They crowded into Horny bored wife Spokane room and about the officer, until Mr. Horton was able to escape into tile woods. After these two experiences in trying to take him into custody tlle officers gave up trying to get him.

Amusements during tile early days were few and far between. Occasionally some enterprising manlager would bring to tile settlement a puppet show, and dancing images, Punch and Judy, and Babes in mojs Woods. Tlie residents were fond of dancing and tile shows would be followed with diances in Barlow's Iiotel.

In this hotel tliere was an excellent floor for dancing. It se called a "swinging floor" and tile joinlts rested oi tamarack poles. One particularly well kinowni entertainelr wlio came to Hastings was named Ca'rev. Inl those Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan. Co lm all voi that are not faint lle artcd and are hound for thle west In searc'll of tle count ry that you wouldl like!

Conic and go long witlh me after those tlhat have agne And we'll settle on tlhe hanks of tle pleiasant rego1n. A big event happened in I astilngs in land many of Local moms sex Robin Glen-Indian Michigan folks were looking for-ward to it witil great leasure, and so were tlhe boys wlio could afford to go.

F1'lamiing posters in Hastings aniounced the wonders tliat were to be seen. But there was Glen-Inidan kind-hearted man in tlle settlement wlho knew tile lougings in a boy's lheart. Early on show day Henry Hoyt saw Oscar and William Hitchcock and his brotler standing near his store. Hoyt, who was afterward County Clerk and afterward well-known resident of Kalamazoo, married tlie daughter of William Lewwis, proprietor of tile Yankee Springs Iiotel.