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Looking for honest fwb would also love the friends part Ready Sexy Dating

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Looking for honest fwb would also love the friends part

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The whole situation seems pretty ideal at first — they're enjoying spontaneous lunches and no-frills sex together without any of the wouldd that come with commitment.

The only problem? They start falling for each other.

And as we all know, feelings can throw a serious wrench in a FWB situation. So, can you be friends with benefits if one of you falls in love?

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As it turns out, this fictional scenario is super common. And it makes sense, too.

When you have sex with someone, there are powerful chemicals at play in the brain. The hormones oxytocin and vasopressin, both of friendd are released during sex, are associated with feelings of attachment and bonding.

Looking for honest fwb would also love the friends part

Masini notes that if you begin to feel jealousy regarding the possibility of your FWB seeing someone elsethen your FWB relationship is likely changing. Relationships naturally evolve all the time. The only question, of course, is where to go from here.

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In other words, is it possible to remain FWB after one of you starts falling? Then it becomes a question of whether your FWB is on the same page.

On the flip side, if it's your FWB that's showing signs of falling in lovethen that's obviously going to change the dynamic as well.

Looking for honest fwb would also love the friends part

And the last thing you want to do is potentially hurt your friend by ignoring the fact that their feelings are changing. This means having an open and honest conversation with your FWB. So, if your FWB is falling for you, too, then you can certainly try to advance things by defining the relationship on a different level. They may not be fhe to, and you know what?

All it means is that your needs have shifted, and you definitely deserve friencs who can meet them, whether that means a new fling who you enjoy commitment-free romps with or something a little more serious.

Experts Say It's Complicated.

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