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I want to support the Visiting professional seeking Hanmer moved by the Prime Minister in the wake of the earthquakes that struck a large part of New Zealand in the early hours of yesterday morning. I do not want to rehearse some of the stories proffssional have been told. We all have, as one of the earlier speakers said, those moments we will remember and never forget.

But I do want Visiting professional seeking Hanmer observe that as I moved around my electorate yesterday, the one thing that struck me was the quiet resilience of people.

Everyone had been through a tremendous ordeal. People were getting on with their lives and were looking out for each other.

Although Visoting were numbed and although they were shocked, it was something of a joy to behold the strength of their character and their determination.

But we know that that will not be the case in all circumstances, and I particularly extend my sympathy Visiting professional seeking Hanmer the families of those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.

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There will be those who are injured or are in some way incapacitated by this tragedy and those Visiting professional seeking Hanmer have lost property and other assets and who will be wondering about their economic futures.

They are the people who must be in our thoughts at the present time as we contemplate recovery and all that it means.

In the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes, the Fire Service's urban search and rescue USAR Visiting professional seeking Hanmer did an awesome job—so much so that it received the United Nations' commendation for that work.

I want to tell the Rotterdam sex chat today that that urban search and rescue unit has already been deployed. In addition, the central Visiting professional seeking Hanmer unit has been deployed to the Wellington region, working alongside the Wellington Regional Council as it coordinates relief efforts in this part of the world. But I must make this observation: The Fire Service technically exceeds its mandate in carrying out this Visiting professional seeking Hanmer work—which is, I observe in passing, why we need to pass the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Bill as soon as possible—because these events are likely to become far more part of our norm.

In a time of emergency we rely on profedsional number of key elements of our society coming together in the public interest, and Visiting professional seeking Hanmer want to acknowledge particularly the work of the news media, especially our public media—Radio New Zealand and Television Visiting professional seeking Hanmer Zealand—for the way in which they covered the events of the last 24 hours, the information they provided, and the fact that they kept on going.

Very few of us who heard it will ever forget Vicki McKay's announcement of the earthquake during the midnight news bulletin.

Visiting professional seeking Hanmer The calmness and the strength—as I heard one commentator say yesterday, that in itself described the essence of being a New Zealander. There is one final point I want to make. Today in Wellington we face the unusual phenomenon where, because of flooding and torrential rain, State Highways 1 and 2 are closed, leaving Auckland isolated. But, more seriously—more seriously—that event demonstrates Visiting professional seeking Hanmer wisdom in pursuing the Transmission Gully motorway option, which is now under construction and which is proceeding very well, because had it profesional in place, that situation might not have occurred and Auckland might have been saved.

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Seriously though, can I just express again my thanks to all involved in recovery work, my appreciation for the real stoicism of New Zealanders, and my sympathy for those Visiting professional seeking Hanmer have suffered emotional, physical, and personal loss as a consequence of that tragedy.