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Amazon is now the proud owner of game streaming service Twitch. See also: Twitch is becoming a media powerhouse online, with 55 million active monthly users watching others play and talk about games.

It's no stranger Wqnts acquisition rumors; in May, it was widely circulated that YouTube would purchase it. It's a video platform that allows gamers to broadcast what they are playing live to millions of other viewers.

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The company was spun off of Justin. Flickr, Kyle Mercury.

The proof is in the numbers: They do. Twitch has now grown to 55 million monthly active users. More importantly, gamers are Watns very engaged audience.

Twitch has an average ofprimetime viewers, beating many cable networks that are popular with a younger demographic such as MTVviewers and SyFyviewers. Competitive gaming is in its heyday, and the games driving the biggest tournaments Who Wants To Watch? also some of the biggest draws on Twitch.

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Non-gamers may not have heard of the first two titles, but these free-to-play PC games have millions of online players, and their tournaments draw a lot of eyeballs. For comparison, Fucking bolivian wives biggest Who Wants To Watch?

moment was when 8 million people watched Felix Baumgartner's space jump the previous year.

Wsnts Minecraft is one of the world's biggest games, with 50 Who Wants To Watch? downloads across PC, XboxPS3 and mobile. So it stands to reason that the game, a giant sandbox of building blocks, would also be one of the most popular on Twitch; it boasts 10, broadcasters every day. You can watch a seasoned player zip through games as quickly as possible and make it look like an art form.

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Creative experiments: There are also ongoing interactive streams that blur the Horny milfs Saint-Emilion on watching and Watch??, such as Salty Bet. Game developers and publishers Who Wants To Watch? quickly adapted to Twitch as a way to interact with fans directly. Twitch has also been adopted by many of the major gaming conferences as a way to stream panels and announcements, including E3, PAX, Gamescom and Minecraft 's annual convention, MineCon.

Twitch recently said it had 1 million people broadcasting games on Who Wants To Watch? platform. Those include a broad range of users, from those only sharing for their friends to the few thousand Whi who get paid a share of Twitch's advertising revenue.

To become a partner, you must apply and reach a minimum number of viewers on your channel. Many also post unofficial tip jars through services like PayPal.

A small group of streamers can make a comfortable living just from streaming games and making content for YouTube. Thanks to Twitch's integration into the next-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, many of the technical barriers to sharing games have been lifted.

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That's not as easy to answer. Amazon has not yet made a statement, and it will be interesting to see to what extent Twitch retains Wztch? independence. The Twitch brand has amassed a high Who Wants To Watch? of cache among its followers, so it may be to Amazon's advantage to keep that separate.

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